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Ways to look after yourself as a mother

As wonderful as it is bringing a baby into the world and finally becoming a mother, it can soon get very overwhelming and we usually tend to forget about our needs and our health to dedicate all of our time to our family and the new addition. If you happen to have more children, and I have two, it gets even harder to find time for yourself.

I find that I really need a break sometimes and taking time to look after yourself as a mother is so important not only for you, but even for your family and children. Your husband will be happy to see you don’t look as tired and angry, and your children will love being in the presence of a happy mum.

I’ve put together some ways you can look after yourself as a mother. I do many of these myself, but some of the ideas are from other bloggers too, just to make sure there’s something for every mum!

As much as I love reading, I admit this is the one thing I struggle to find time for, but reading is still one of my favourite things when I can get to do it. Jen at Style Brief seems to manage reading better than I do and she takes ‘self-care’ quite seriously and factors in time every day to do something for herself, like reading her Kindle for instance. Jennie at Rice Cakes and Raisins, and Christy at Welsh Mum of One, also agree that reading is one of the things that help them look after themselves and escape from the deadly routine.

Ways to look after yourself as a mother
Jennifer at Mighty Mama Bear

'I have a season ticket for the rugby club I support. I've been going since I was 11 and it's something that I've continued after having kids. My husband has the kids and I go with my dad and sister, and it's time for me to just be "Jen", not mum! I can yell and shout and it's hugely therapeutic! It's a big part of who I am and I'm glad I didn't have to give it up.' 

My next favourite would be the hot, long and relaxing baths. I don’t think I need to describe this any longer because I’m sure you’ve had a hot bath at least once in your lifetime and you’ve seen how good and relaxing it is. Becka at Mummy Est.2014 has regular warm baths with her favourite smellies. She does it once her son is in bed so she can listen to music and not worry about someone coming to add bath toys in the water. That’s the time for her to physical unwind as well as emotionally recharge, and I personally think it has the same benefits for everyone. For more tips on how to enjoy a perfect bath, I’ve written a post HERE.

Pampering yourself in the bathroom

Hayley at Winging It With Two Boys mentioned that a hot bath and Netflix are her favourite things to look after herself as a mother, and I happen to agree with this one too. There’s nothing like a good movie to make you forget about the daily stress and worries. I tend to really forget about everything for 2 hour and just enjoy the film. Sometimes I’ll watch it with my husband after the boys fall asleep, but he falls asleep during the movie too, so I’m left all on my own to just enjoy it. Another good idea is if you could go to the cinema either by yourself or with a friend. I love the cinema, but haven’t been in such a long time.

Kate at Ever After With Kids

'I treat myself to a fancy candle, it’s something I can enjoy even when I’m busy running after the kids, it makes the house smell lovely and puts me in a good mood even if I’m really busy and tired.'
Women Christmas Gift Guide

Until three months ago, I hated the gym. I can’t say I love it very much now, but I go at least 2-3 times a week, usually in the evenings after the children go to bed and that’s when I will do something for myself only. Work on my body, my health and my well being in general. No children to look after or anyone to need my help with anything. I start to like being there as soon as I arrive, even if it takes longer to leave the house.

However, I love the swimming pool and the sauna which we don’t have at the gym, but I go at least once a month. There’s nothing I would prefer more after a long and stressful week than to enjoy a jacuzzi bath and the steaming sauna. Rosie at Busy Mum Lifestyle does something even better for herself, something I can’t really convince myself doing although I would really need it. She has a massage every month because not only does it help her health and wellbeing, she also no longer suffers from migraines.

Speaking of the things I can’t convince myself to do – I do not take naps because there’s always other stuff to do around the house but also because I just don’t feel well after I wake up after. I really wish I could do it though because sometimes I’m really tired. Rebecca at Becca Blogs It Out, has 3 year old twins who still don’t sleep through the night, so I believe her when she says that she’s exhausted. At weekends, her husband gets up with the twins at 6am so that she can go back to sleep, and this is one of the things that help her get through the week! If she didn’t do that, she wouldn’t have the strength to keep going and be the best mother to her twins, so self care is so important! That’s why Rosie at Mum in the Moment also goes to sleep with her daughter at least twice a week.

Jenny at TraveLynn Family

'I book in one night each week that I have totally to myself. If someone tries to book something in on this night, I can't because I'm busy with 'me time'. This might will usually involve a bath and a good book 😊'

Meet up with friends, go have a drink and a meal with your best friend. Visit your auntie that you haven’t seen in a long time, or just pop by your grandma and catch up on stories. Just seeing other faces than the ones you’ve seen lately, can brighten up your day and that’s also an opportunity for you to talk about everything and anything. Your children wouldn’t understand many things you say and husbands are usually too tired and stressed from work to put up with all our stories and drama, so meeting with other women is almost like therapy.

Ways to look after yourself as a mother

If your husband is the only one you can open up to, talking long walks with him and just communicate with each other, can still help even if you’re not all by yourself. I do this a lot. We walk the dog together sometimes and that’s when we talk about everything. Amy at Living the Harmon Life, and Louise at WeeOhana, do it the right way though – they take the dog for long walks by themselves to make sure they have a moment of peace and quiet.

Eileen at Your Money Sorted

'Mountain biking! It’s just awesome fun and it makes me forget all my stresses, because I am too busy concentrating on staying on!'
Ways to look after yourself as a mother

7 thoughts on “Ways to look after yourself as a mother”

  • I just wrote a post quite similar to this one and I really enjoyed yours! Taking the dog for a walk by myself is a big one for me, it really clears my mind and gives me that little me time that I need. I also walk the dog every evening with my partner and we love that little alone time where we can communicate without home stress x

  • I love this post! It is so nice to read that so many mums out there take their self care so seriously. It’s given me loads of inspiration. I love reading in the bath, but find it so hard to get either of those things. I must try and sort my days out better so I leave myself time!

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