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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, but if you’re still looking for gift ideas, I’ve got some amazing ones in this post – for both her or him!

NovAge Skin Priming Essence

This formula from NoVage is designed to prepare the skin for serums and moisturisers which helps to strengthen the skin foundation, while promoting an improved moisture balance and a revitalised, more youthful and beautiful look, by smoothing and plumping the skin and reducing the appearance of pores. The foundation just looks so much better after using this prime and the makeup holds for longer. If you decide to buy this for the woman in your life, she will definitely find this very thoughtful of you.

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas 2019

SEAMS Hand Cream

With winter weather being so cold and harsh, our hands tend to need moisturizing a lot more often. Mine and my husband’s especially are really dry at this time of year and the SEAMS hand cream is widely recognised for its mending, softening and deeply moisturising properties, which is all we need. We take one with us wherever we go – work, shopping, etc., just so that our skin feels exceptionally soft, supple and smooth all the time.

Vegan Shampoo Bars

What I really love about these shampoo bars is that they are so unique, handmade, eco-friendly, and vegan. They are made using natural extracts and soothing essential oils such as Rose Flower Oil and Clove Flower Oil. At first I was a bit surprised to see that the bars look smaller in reality than the ones on the website, but a single bar of this shampoo gives you 80-100 washes, same as 2 or 3 250ml shampoo bottles can give you.

One of the benefits of them is that they leave your hair very soft and the smell of the shampoo stays for longer because of the essential oils.

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas 2019

Encona’s Carolina Reaper Chilli Sauce

If any of you are fans of spicy food and chilli sauces, then what perfect occasion than Valentine’s Day to give your loved one the world’s hottest chilli pepper, according to the Guinness Book of World Records. There’s a saying where I come from that, one doesn’t only need love in a marriage, and it’s the food that feeds the stomach, not the butterflies. The sauce contains the Carolina Reaper chilli blended with tomatoes, garlic, cumin and orange to give a well-rounded flavour.

It’s perfect as a marinade to create your own hot wing challenge or for supercharging soups and one-pot dishes by adding a few drops whilst cooking. If you’re not a fan of chilli, you can only add one drop to add a bit of spice to your food on Valentine’s Day. Surprise your loved one with a hot delicious meal!

You can find these at Tesco and Iceland.

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas 2019

Aromatherapy Oils

The Intimate Bliss massage oil blend is designed for women with a floral, sweet and a citrus aroma top note; while the Erotic Spice massage oil blend is designed for men with a fresh, sweet, floral aroma. They are both designed to create a mood of sensuality and intimacy while treating your loved one with a relaxing massage and the oils are deeply relaxing and sensually uplifting. My husband loves a good massage when he comes home tired from work.

The oils are cold-pressed which ensures their quality, purity and aroma and can be applied directly to the skin.

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas 2019

Couple Photo Session

Love deserves to be documented and what better way than have a photo shoot on Valentine’s Day? At least once a year, have pictures taken by a professional photographer. These are the memories that will stay with you forever and you can always look at the pictures and remember the love and the good times. Print your favourite pictures and hang them around the house too. Decorate your home on Valentine’s Day with pictures of you like it’s Christmas.

Bullet Journal Set

I have been seeing bullet journals everywhere on Instagram and Pinterest and they just look so pretty and organised and I really wanted to give it a go. For someone organised and creative like me, that loves to-do lists and is encouraged by the pretty designs and drawings, bullet journals are the perfect gift for Valentine’s day. This is a notebook, diary, to-do list, and sketchbook all in one. I can’t wait to start using this!

This set comes with a lightfast water-based Graphik Line Makers that are the perfect companion for weaving intricate designs, and range in size from a super-fine 0.5 to a broad 0.8.

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas 2019

Levi’s Cotton Socks

This set from Mainline Menswear is ideal for the man in your life, especially for someone like my husband who never has enough socks. I always have to buy him more. Socks don’t last very long around here and get lost pretty quickly. I particularly love that the socks in this Levi’s set come in a solid branded gift box, which you can either use to store your socks or use to store other miscellaneous stuff around your house.

The set contains two pairs in solid navy and one pair in a blue marl with a navy toe and heel with each pair featuring the signature Levis 168SF logo on the sole of each sock in dark blue. The fourth pair is in navy with a red toe, heel and signature Levis logo. The sizes range from UK 9 to 11.

Grooming Set

This is a must for a man; I can’t believe I didn’t think of a grooming set in the years before. In between the visits to the hairdresser, the rechargeable hair clipper does a good job maintaining my husband’s good look. The clipper features rinseable blades for a hygienic cut every time and 10 guide combs that allow you to define your style with minimal effort. Clipper cutting lengths are 0.8mm-25mm.

My husband loves the trimmer and uses it at least once a week for his beard, just to ensure a well-groomed look without stepping out of the house. The battery powered trimmer with 6 attachment combs is ideal for maintaining beards, trimming stubble, tidying up hairlines and all over body grooming. Trimmer cutting lengths are 0.4mm-13mm.

What my husband likes about this set, is that it also comes with a stylish hard case to keep all of these in one place and don’t get them lost.


These products were sent for inclusion in this guide, however all opinions are my own.

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