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Summer, please don't go!

Wow! Today was definitely a hot day. The last few days have been really hot too but today it was the hottest day definitely. Finally, after so much rain it was about time for the sun to come out.
I am so glad that me and baby Nathan can get some vitamin D from the sun without having to take vitamin D supplements anymore. I don’t really like to take any pills whatsoever and many times I just throw a lot of them because I forgot to take them and now they are out date. I am so happy that I can finally get a tan. Fingers crossed! So far, we went indoor swimming with Nathan for a few times. I can’t wait to go outdoors with him.

Sadly, I am not going on a holiday this summer. I really thought that I will have to bare the cold, rainy, typical English weather while all my friends and family are having the time of their lives on holidays. Thank God, I can enjoy the sun also even if it’s just for a few days. I’m grateful for that too.
I love going to the beach/ocean during summer but since the nearest beach is about 2 hours away, I love outdoor pools also. There is one outdoor pool about 40-50 minutes from where I live and I really like it there. My favourite thing is that the water gets up to 2,7 meters deep so I can jump, dive and do all crazy things :P. Here is a website where you could see the opening times and the location:
They also have a Facebook page that you can follow for latest updates:
I don’t know how many swimming pools have that and wouldn’t like to go to others since I am worried I wouldn’t like it. If you do have any favourite swimming pool in London, please let me know which one is it and why it’s your favourite. I would love to go to nice,clean and deep water outdoor pools.
Today was definitely too hot, but we made plans already for tomorrow. I begged my husband to take a day off work so we could all go together as a family and of course, he couldn’t say no. Today I bought a Nivea Sun Spray SPF 30 from Boots and I am not really sure if I will still get a tan with using this sun spray or not … Hopefully I will. I can’t wait!

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