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Spring Activities For Kids

It’s finally spring and the weather is much nicer and warmer. It’s good to have a balance of indoor and outdoor toddler activities and here I’ve got some ideas for both. My boys (2 and 3) love being outdoors and exploring new places. They also like to get messy, use their creativity and include me in their play, so I’m always helping them with the indoor activities.

Plant flowers and vegetables

You can even plant a tree if you’ve got a place for it. I can’t wait to have our own house so we can plant one each. National Forest allows you to plant trees in the forest if you fancy.

We just planted vegetables with the kids this year and there’s still more I want to plant in our allotment. The boys were so curious to know about the plants and how they grow. You should’ve seen the look on their faces when they saw the tomatoes growing and they check back on them very often to see the progress.

Spring Activities for toddlers

Get creative with sticks

My first born collects all the sticks from the park and he takes them home, so I thought why not use them for something good? I gave them some paper, PVA glue, sticks, some baked oranges that I had from Christmas and I let them get creative.

Make spring blooming trees

We’re using sticks again, but this activity was so much fun! They ate a lot of popcorn, but one bag was enough for eating and playing! We talked about trees and spring, and I love it when they learn through play. That’s the best way for toddlers to learn.

Bake cookies

Toddlers like to be involved in everything you do and baking or cooking is a great way to get them involved. If you’re baking, give them some dough and the right utensils and let them copy what you do. When I’m cooking, I give him a butter knife and a banana, or a boiled carrot. He can chop along and feel helpful.

Experiment with natural dyes

Experimenting with natural dyes is something I’ve always liked to do. I remember doing projects like these when I studied art in high school and I was the only one out of all the students that had double Art classes – BTEC and GCSE.

We coloured eggs with onion skin which then turned into a delicious potato salad!

I really wanted to try the other things like turmeric, beetroot, coffee. However, it would’ve been too much for one day and toddlers don’t have that much patience. I will try them some other time, because I think it’s fun to experiment with colours! We will also try and dye fabric which is something I’m really looking forward to!

Spring Activities for kids
Spring Activities for kids

Visit new parks

Now that the weather is so nice, what better time to get out of the house and explore new places?

Visit new parks, rather than your local one. I tend to get very bored of the same place all the time. Although i’m a bit of an introvert myself, I enjoy changing the environment and meeting new people. It’s good for the children too. It helps them learn to accommodate to new environments quicker in the future and learn how to make new friends.

I’m actually amazed at how many parks we’ve managed to visit so far. They’re all unique in their own way!

Feed the animals

We’re so lucky to have a park with deer very close to us, hence why we go there very often, and the boys love to feed them carrots.

We also take seeds to feed the pigeons in the park, or the ducks where it’s allowed. Don’t feed them bread though because it’s bad for them.

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