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Review of Tommee Tippee prep machine

When I had Nathan, I didn’t have anything to help me prepare his formula milk although I mixed fed him since he was about 1 month. I had low milk supply therefore I had no choice than to introduce formula. It was such a struggle to warm the water in the kettle then wait for minutes for the milk to be just right for him to drink. He would sometimes see me prepare the food and cry continuously, but I couldn’t give him the bottle since the milk was just too hot; so, I had to tolerate him crying. However, since I got the perfect prep machine from Tommee Tippee, my life is so much easier!! 
This machine is not the cheapest but it is so worth it’s money. It’s only £77.99 on Amazon if you are a Prime Member. Since I gave birth to my second baby two months ago, I haven’t stopped using it. I am on holiday now and I even brought it with me here because I don’t want to go back to the old habit: waiting endlessly! It’s so useful and it takes less than two minutes to prepare the milk. Now that I have two children, it’s even more handy because I still give Nathan formula milk.
I don’t only use it for formula though. I make Nathan mint tea when he goes to sleep at night time so I’ll set the machine at 9oz and leave the tea bag inside the bottle. The machine will do its work and the tea will be just perfect to drink. I absolutely love this machine. It has made my life a lot easier.

I’ve heard a lot of people complain that you must change the filters very often and they are expensive as well, but I have had it for more than two months, used it daily, and not had to change the filter yet so that’s great for me. You can buy yours from Amazon, although you could probably find it cheaper elsewhere but wouldn’t know. Do your research before you purchase it! If you can save some money, why not? But it is a must have if you give your baby formula milk.

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