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Pinterest VS Mine: Clothes rail DIY

I have seen this picture on Pinterest for so long and I really wanted to do it as well. Especially after I had my second baby, Josh, I really had no extra space for all of the clothes so this was the only idea. I didn’t want to buy another wardrobe because I had no space in the room and I didn’t want to have boxes or anything like that. Worse case scenario, I would’ve had to take some of the clothes to charity or give them away to someone but no, I needed them all. So I begged my husband to do it for me. I would love to know how to do all this on my own, but I am not that much of a ‘man’ yet 😝. 
This is Pinterest’s picture: 

This is what my husband did, with my help of course (Before & After):

I got the shelves from someone that posted them on Freegle. I am subscribed to Freegle although it’s rarely that I will find something that I need. People do post a lot of good and nice things though, and if I only had a huge deposit where I could store wardrobes and chairs and have loads of DIY projects with them, I would take them all (my heart is crying right now because I have seen so many of them that I wanted to take and transform, but I just don’t have the space for all).
My husband bought the little chains from B&Q where he attached a tree branch that he had found in the park. Because I had so many clothes hanging on the tree branch, the poor branch bent so much that it couldn’t hold all of the clothes anymore. Therefore, I had to use a wooden dowel rod which doesn’t look as pretty as the branch, but it does the job (I’ll post pictures in another post). The branch totally works if you’re planning to hang like 4-5 pieces of clothing and it’s  mainly for decoration. Hope you guys like this :)!

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