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Easy Tuna Pasta Bake

Easy Tuna Pasta Bake

Easy and super quick tuna pasta bake recipe. This recipe is enough for 4 people.

Angel Care or Tommee Tippee Nappy Disposal – Review

I remember having nappy disposal bags everywhere in the house when I first gave birth. I had no idea that these bins even existed until I went to a friend of mine who also had a baby and I thought that this bin was awesome. […]

October challenge: What I am giving up on

Me and Coke just can’t separate. Ever! Whenever I see it or even hear someone talk about Coca Cola, I want it. Even when I was pregnant with both of my children, I kept craving it all the time but now that I’m not pregnant anymore and I still want it, I’m wondering whether that was a pregnancy craving or just one of my addictions. I do not drink any type of coffee whatsoever, so sometimes I’m wondering: could it be my body screaming that it needs its dose of caffeine? (more…)

If you feel like dropping out of university, you are not alone!

Let’s admit it: we all had moments like these when we thought that university is just so hard and time consuming that it’s not worth the effort. I probably thought about this more times than you did. I had to take care of my little […]

Dear Mother, you are not alone!

Dear Mother, you are not alone!

We all see the perfect family pictures on the social media sites and think that they probably have it so easy and they can manage everything with no stress, no worries and no sleepless nights. I don’t think that this is true, although every family […]

Review of Tommee Tippee prep machine

When I had Nathan, I didn’t have anything to help me prepare his formula milk although I mixed fed him since he was about 1 month. I had low milk supply therefore I had no choice than to introduce formula. It was such a struggle to warm the water in the kettle then wait for minutes for the milk to be just right for him to drink. He would sometimes see me prepare the food and cry continuously, but I couldn’t give him the bottle since the milk was just too hot; so, I had to tolerate him crying. However, since I got the perfect prep machine from Tommee Tippee, my life is so much easier!!  (more…)

20 Activities to do with your toddler this summer

I just realised this year that summer is not my favourite season. I know, when it’s too cold and windy and rainy, we complain all the time and ask for a bit of sun; but us humans, we are never happy with what we have, […]

A bite of Nando's

Did I tell you how much I love food? Oh, but did I tell you how much I like to eat out, visit new restaurant and try new dishes? Well, I do! I would rather visit a restaurant than buy myself new clothes, that’s how […]

A trip to Stonehenge and the surroundings!

It was 7am when we left the house and to our surprise, Nathan didn’t cause too much trouble in our 2 hour journey to Stonehenge. He ate an apple and had some tea and that seemed to be enough to keep him quiet. Although we […]