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Pinterest VS Mine: Clothes rail DIY

Pinterest VS Mine: Clothes rail DIY

A very easy DIY clothes hanger to use for baby clothes, but not only if you don’t have any extra space in your storage.

Autumn Lookbook|Outfit Inspiration 2017

This blog posts will show you four different autumn looks and links where to buy alternative clothing from. Definitely work reading if you need autumn outfit inspiration!

November challenge!

Yey! So I have finally completed the October challenge (take a look here) which was hard at the beginning especially because everyone in the house had a habit of drinking Coke every day. However, I was pretty motivated and really wanted to give up on this bad ‘addiction’ if I can call it that. (more…)

Tuna Lasagna

My husband is not a fan of tuna but I love it. I could have tuna and sweetcorn all day long, so when I first made this lasagna and my husband loved it too, I was so happy. I make this recipe quite often now […]

Easy Tuna Pasta Bake

Easy and super quick tuna pasta bake recipe. This recipe is enough for 4 people.

Angel Care or Tommee Tippee Nappy Disposal – Review

I remember having nappy disposal bags everywhere in the house when I first gave birth. I had no idea that these bins even existed until I went to a friend of mine who also had a baby and I thought that this bin was awesome. Going outside 20 times a day to take the nappies to the bin was something that really needed to be changed so I did not hesitate to buy the Angel Care Nappy disposal bin as soon as I saw it.  (more…)

October challenge: What I am giving up on

Me and Coke just can’t separate. Ever! Whenever I see it or even hear someone talk about Coca Cola, I want it. Even when I was pregnant with both of my children, I kept craving it all the time but now that I’m not pregnant […]

If you feel like dropping out of university, you are not alone!

Let’s admit it: we all had moments like these when we thought that university is just so hard and time consuming that it’s not worth the effort. I probably thought about this more times than you did. I had to take care of my little […]

Dear Mother, you are not alone!

Dear Mother, you are not alone!

We all see the perfect family pictures on the social media sites and think that they probably have it so easy and they can manage everything with no stress, no worries and no sleepless nights. I don’t think that this is true, although every family is different and some parents have more patience, more experience than others, etc. while some kids are more energetic/stubborn that others; but in the end, parenting is not easy.  (more…)

Review of Tommee Tippee prep machine

When I had Nathan, I didn’t have anything to help me prepare his formula milk although I mixed fed him since he was about 1 month. I had low milk supply therefore I had no choice than to introduce formula. It was such a struggle […]