Burned DIY Christmas Cards

I love DIY's so I really did enjoy making these burned DIY Christmas cards for the children and for my first attempt at cards, I quite liked how they came out. 

December challenge: 15 acts of kindness ideas

This December let's be happier and give more. Let's help and be kind and continue like that for all the years to come. Here are some ideas!

Small office decor and inspiration

Home office design decorations all very carefully thought by me and my helpful husband.

10 Affordable and practical gift ideas for your husband 

Looking for an affordable and practical gift for your husband but run out of ideas? Look no more, I've got 10 that he will love.

Pinterest VS Mine: Clothes rail DIY

A very easy DIY clothes hanger to use for baby clothes, but not only if you don't have any extra space in your storage.

Autumn Lookbook|Outfit Inspiration 2017

This blog posts will show you four different autumn looks and links where to buy alternative clothing from. Definitely work reading if you need autumn outfit inspiration!

November challenge!

Yey! So I have finally completed the October challenge (take a look here) which was hard at the beginning especially because everyone in the house had a habit of drinking Coke every day. However, I was pretty motivated and really wanted to give up on this bad ‘addiction’ if I can call it that. Advertisements