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October challenge: What I am giving up on

Me and Coke just can’t separate. Ever! Whenever I see it or even hear someone talk about Coca Cola, I want it. Even when I was pregnant with both of my children, I kept craving it all the time but now that I’m not pregnant anymore and I still want it, I’m wondering whether that was a pregnancy craving or just one of my addictions. I do not drink any type of coffee whatsoever, so sometimes I’m wondering: could it be my body screaming that it needs its dose of caffeine?
This month, I want to challenge myself and have no Coke at all. I have been wanting to do this for quite a while now but have just never had the courage to start. Well, I think October is just the right time to make a change and to live healthier.
This will really be a challenge for me because like I said, I just NEED Coke all the time (well, I’m sort of exaggerating but you know what I mean). Also, I don’t want to eat any more sweets or chocolate. I don’t necessarily have a sweet tooth, I rarely eat any chocolate but I love cheesecakes, Costco’s profiteroles and homemade cakes (yummy!). Still, I do not have them very often, I would rather eat fruits all day long.
I also want to stop eating after 6pm and start doing more exercise like running for instance (which I hate by the way). This month is going to be a victory though if I manage to do all this. It’s not about me losing weight at all. I don’t want to have this goal in mind because I will be disappointed if I don’t lose any by the end of this. It is more of a decision to change my lifestyle and eating habits, make healthier choices and care more about my body and myself. Shall we all challenge ourselves to change or give up on something every month? What are your secret addictions? Would you like to give up on any?

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