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November challenge!

Yey! So I have finally completed the October challenge (take a look here) which was hard at the beginning especially because everyone in the house had a habit of drinking Coke every day. However, I was pretty motivated and really wanted to give up on this bad ‘addiction’ if I can call it that. I only had Coke twice in the whole month and to be honest, I didn’t find it as tasty as before. I think that that’s what happens when you don’t drink it for a while.  I can now proudly say that Coke is not a part of me anymore and I don’t want it at all really. I don’t think of it as much but sometimes I will crave it and when I do take a sip, it’s just not as good so I am really proud to say that I am starting to reduce the amount of  Coke I have. I’m not saying that I gave up on it completely, but I definitely have a lot less. Water is the way to go!
Anyway, it’s November now and I want to challenge myself to something new again. I think I quite like this challenge thing because it changes me into a better person, it helps me to come out of my comfort zone and try/do new things and most of all, I get to share it with you guys so maybe that could help someone else as well. I would love it if everyone could join me in my challenge adventure and I would love it if you send me emails or contact me on my Instagram to let me know how it’s all going or show me pictures even (if the challenge allows). Use #abettermechallenge in your pictures so I can see all your amazing acts of kindness.
Right, so, for this month I want to encourage, motivate, thank, and appreciate other people. I keep pushing myself to do good things in this world because (and I’ve said many times before), the world is evil enough and we need more kindness. We all have someone that has helped us when we needed the most, or someone that gave us a very good word of advice. We all know someone that has a difficult situation at the moment and might need some encouragement and love, or a person that you haven’t talked to in a very long time and maybe they miss hearing from you or just want to know how you are.
I am sure that you all follow different people on Instagram and you have followed this girl/man for a very long time and they have been an inspiration for you, or maybe they just have a beautiful feed, house, dog or children but you just never had the courage to send them a message to tell them that; do it now! They don’t bite.
November the 13th is the World Kindness Day so that’s mainly the reason I came up with this idea so I thought I should be doing it for the whole month instead of just one day. If you run out of ideas or people, please please read this post about ‘35 people who deserve more appreciation‘! 
I am a true believer that everyone should do something good for the humanity and the world every single day and that change can start with each one of us. Just like Gandhi said:

“Be the change you want to see in the world.”

The real change comes when we go within and do the work of inner transformation. To examine ourselves openly, honestly, vulnerably and to purge out any resemblance of selfishness, depravity or insecurity (Joseph Ranseth). We all need to change something within ourselves first and become the best version we can be.

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