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My 10 Favourite Baby Essentials

When I had my first baby I didn’t quite know what I would need or wouldn’t, so I figured it out along the way. Of course I read a lot online but when the baby comes, you realise you probably spent too much money on stuff you are never going to use. I’ll list some of my favourite baby products and this is only from my experience so it might not be the same for everyone but these were a necessity for me and have helped me so much. I still use many of them now because my youngest is only 18 months old. 

Nappies and nappy cream

You can not think of newborn essentials and not think of nappies, so you will need loads of them. I was looking for deals all throughout my pregnancy, and when there was a really good offer, I bought them in bulk and stocked up for months to come.

I didn’t buy a lot of nappy cream though, because I didn’t use a lot of it, but it is something very essential because babies are prone to a nappy rush and it’s awful if you don’t have the cream in the house.

Johnson’s Baby Wipes

I have tried many brands of wipes with my baby but I didn’t like any of the other ones. Some were too dry, some would break in my hand while using them and just weren’t worth the money. The wipes from Johnson’s were my favourite then and still are. I order them from Amazon and I am subscribed to the Subscribe & Save which means that I get a box of 18 packs every month without having to go on Amazon specifically to order it.

Baby Sleeping Bag

I don’t know what it is with my children, or children in general, but they don’t like to cover with blankets when they sleep. It didn’t bother me much, but it drove my husband crazy. He doesn’t want the children to get a cold and all that stuff, so the sleeping bags were the solution. The boys didn’t mind those either. I really liked the ones with sleeves instead of the ones without, because I wanted to make sure their arms were kept warm during the night.

Teething toys and gel

A must! The gel saved me throughout the night when the baby was crying because of pain, and the toys were used during the day. The baby’s favourite teething toy was the one from Matchstick Monkey and I have written a review about this particular one HERE!


I am so thankful for having had these. They were so useful and I had them with me all the time. Babies can vomit quite often when they are small and then they dribble a lot and so on. These saved me on many situations; so they are another must.


I had a December baby, therefore lots of blankets too for when we went to walks in the park, or anywhere outside the house. Even when we used the car, we still had a blanket over him in the car seat, just to make sure the baby isn’t cold. I will also blame this on my obsession over blankets, hence why I had so many, but they were just so pretty and fluffy, I couldn’t help it.

Tommee Tippee Prep Machine

I didn’t actually have this with my first baby and it was so annoying and time consuming. Only when I got this machine with my second baby I realised what we’ve been missing on. It’s so much easier to prepare the milk for the baby and be assured that the temperature is just right. You can read my full review on this machine just HERE!

Angelcare Nappy Bin

This was one of the things I had no idea existed until just after I had the baby and I went to a friend’s house and saw it. I purchased it immediately after and we still have one now, 3 years after. We use it daily and it’s something I don’t see myself without while still having children with nappies. I have posted a full review about this nappy bin too – HERE!

Moses Basket 

Although we had a baby cot in the house, this one was essential for us in the first 5-6 months. The baby slept in it all the time and it was easier for me too because I just kept it next to the bed at night so the baby was closer to me when he woke up to feed, etc.

Cot top changer and changing mat

I have left this one last because although it was something essential for me to have, I understand not everyone might want one of these or need one even. I wanted it because changing the babies in my own bed, or on the floor, gave me a really bad backache and so I needed to find a solution. I bought these and put them over the baby’s cot and – solution found! I was able to sit up straight while changing them avoiding any other injuries.

What are your favourite baby products? Let me know of anything I’m missing out on, and also so other mums-to-be can hear from the ones that have been here before :D!

5 thoughts on “My 10 Favourite Baby Essentials”

  • I agree with the majority of these – however after my forth baby turning one a week ago, one of my essentials was my next to me crib – I never got one with the other three but this time round it has been a Godsend, especially those early days when I was up most nights feeding, was much easier to place her next to be and back in the crib without waking her to manage to get an hours sleep!

    • If you have space in your bedroom for a crib like that, than that’s surely a must. I wish I had a bigger bedroom, but the moses basket at the end of our bed was still good enough for us.

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