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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Time flies and I can’t believe that March is almost over and Mother’s Day is just around the corner. If you’re looking for more gift ideas for your mother or anyone in your life who has the wonderful privilege to be a mother, then here I’ve put together a few gift ideas to inspire you!

Products were sent for inclusion in this guide, however all opinions are my own.

Something sweet

The Hummingbird Bakery have a variety of cakes and cupcakes specially made for Mother’s Day. If the amazing mother in your life has a sweet tooth, I’m sure this gift will make her very happy. What better way to say thank you on this special day than to celebrate with a cake that has exquisite sponges, fluffy frostings and dainty hand-decorations.


Something cozy

Although Mother’s Day happens to be in spring, we’re a bit unfortunate here in London where it’s still freezing cold with very strong wind most of the times. The hats and neckwear from BUFF Lifestyle are really comfy and very good looking also. The BUFF range has something for every mum with its luxury winter hats and neckwear available in a wide variety of colours and styles.

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Something colourful

There’s no spring without flowers. From March onwards, the streets are full of blooming trees and many colours, it just makes you want to buy flowers for your own home and of course, mothers.

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Something to remember

A photo shoot with your mother and why not, your whole family, is such a precious gift. When was the last time you took a picture with your mother or the beloved people in your life?

I was looking through the pictures of me and my children the other day and I’m so glad I have them. They’re the only ones reminding me of what my children looked like, of what I looked like and how our life was back then. They’re the memories we will keep forever and they will stay fresh in our minds because of the pictures we have.

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Something for the body

With this weather – so cold and windy, our hands tend to need moisturising a lot more often. Mine are really dry at this time of year and the SEAMS hand cream is widely recognised for its mending, softening and deeply moisturising properties, which is all mothers need to keep doing their day to day activities and look after their children.

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Mother's Day Gift Ideas

4 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Gift Ideas”

  • these were a beautiful gift ideas. A mother deserves a special on their special day. It may be not as expensive but it is something that comes from our hearts.

  • Ooooo so many awesome Mother’s Day gift suggestions!!!! I love getting anything related to beauty!!! I would be all about that hand cream

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