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Me & Mine [May 2019]

I started this other project at the beginning of this year and although I can’t quite publish it at the end of the right month, I really want to continue with it because it’s a great way to collect memories and store them in a safe place.

May has been wonderful but a month of sorrow too!

I travelled on my own with the two boys (a toddler and a soon to be toddler) on a 3h plane journey, then a 6h coach journey because my grandma passed away and I really wanted to be there. The journey hasn’t been as hard as I thought it would. I don’t know how and where I’ve found the strength and the courage, but somehow God gave me it, and He has also made everything so perfect. The boys behaved so well and I had a lot more patience, although we did go through some ‘adventures’.

Me and Mine

Right after I came back from abroad, we went on our very first glamping experience. It’s been on my bucket list for a while but never found the right place or the time to go. It was amazing to just relax, waking up to the birds singing and spend time in the middle of the nature. The boys loved running around, having toasted marshmallows and sitting by the fire. We’re definitely looking to go on more glamping trips in the near future.

Good bye May! See you next year 😀

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