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Me & Mine [January 2019]

I feel so disappointed right now because Me & Mine was another project I wanted to do this year and it’s about writing a blog post on the last day of each month talking about what you’ve done and where you’ve been, but also including family pictures. I really wanted to do this just because we don’t have loads of pictures together as a family and I needed a project like this to ‘force’ me into taking more of them and then add them to the rest of our memories.

As you can already tell, I completely forgot to write mine on Thursday, the 31st of January, but mainly because last week has been really long and exhausting. The boys and husband caught a flu and all I had in my mind was what to do to make them better and take better care of them. But this isn’t going to stop me from still joining Me & Mine and I will write the blog posts on time from now on :)!

January has treated us well and it has gone so quick too! This is our ‘not ready for pictures’ version! I really wish we had taken more family photos, but it just didn’t happen. I don’t like how I look in this one, but it’s the only one took in January, so hey, who cares?

Me & Mine [January 2019]

Lots of things to remember:

  • Nathan finally started to go to nursery for 30 hours (3 full days)
  • We had snow in London and it was the first time Josh has seen and played with it.
  • Both boys had their hair shaved and although I really don’t think it suits them, it will grow back.
  • The boys and husband caught a horrible flu, and the funny things is, I was perfectly fine all this time. God knew there had to be someone to look after them three.
  • This is the month when I started my decluttering process and attempting to live more minimal. I’m still not finished though. It will probably take me the whole year to declutter everything, but I’m not giving up!
  • We had our first family photoshoot with a professional photographer in December, before Christmas, but we got the pictures in January, so that’s what I’m going to remember. I should probably make it a goal to have professional family photoshoots at the end of each year!
Me & Mine [January 2019]

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