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Me & Mine [February 2019]

This year is definitely flying by too quickly. The shortest month of the year, and yet, so great. We did so many things as a family and it was the month when I went out more with the children on my own. It wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be, although it is challenging and tiring. Let’s just say it’s manageable to go out with two toddlers.

On the first day of February, we woke up to snow and we couldn’t be happier. I love it when we get snow here, because it doesn’t happen every year and when it does, it always lasts no more than a few days, but even then, we make sure we take full advantage of it.

We attended a friend’s wedding which was a great opportunity for the family pictures this month since we were all dressed up.

Me and Mine February 2019

After the snow, we had some horrible freezing weather, but unexpectedly, it all changed around and the month is coming to an end leaving us with beautiful sunny days. February was the month when I had lots of Bubble Tea; although I used to not like it much at all, but I guess I just didn’t try the good ones. I could also eat Mochi Ice Cream non stop; it’s just so good and Nathan might agree with me too. He loves ice cream!

Because the days are already longer and the weather is just so nice, I managed to go to the park more with the children and even visited a new park. I love discovering places I’ve never seen before. Sometimes it’s just boring going to the same park all the time. My goal this year is to visit something new every single month.

The days are looking brighter already and I can’t wait to see what spring brings for us!

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