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Me & Mine [April 2019]

As it is the 1st of May now, I wish you all have a beautiful May and may this month bring you lots of joy and happiness!

April has been amazing. We had a good balance of indoor and outdoor days, and we have loads of photos to look back at. Although my husband was working a lot (from 7 to 7) most of the days, we did manage to spend some days together as a family.

During Easter we visited some towns in Cotswolds and that an amazing trip, although really challenging and tiring with the children. It was so spontaneous because we booked the hotel a night before when we decided to ‘Just do something and not stay at home’. Cotswolds is beautiful and definitely worth visiting.

I also turned 24 last month and I can’t believe how time is flying. I feel so old and I hate the thought of getting old, but on the other side, I feel like I’ve accomplished so much so far.

Good-bye April! See you next year 😀

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