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Living Arrows 8/52

My eighth week of joining in with Living Arrows hosted by Donna at What The Redhead Said.  Every Monday, me and other fellow bloggers share a moment from our week and pictures of our children; ideally one of each of our children.

“You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth”

Another awesome week went by! Since joining this project I’ve realised our weeks are actually fun and worth remembering. We have things to be grateful for and spend quality time together quite a lot. This wasn’t something I felt grateful for last year, since I never thought back on the previous weeks, and the days, weeks and months just went by and I thought that was normal. This year, I’m starting to be more grateful for every single week we spend together, all the things we do and see, and the memories we make!

The weather was just perfect for going out in the park, so we went more often last week. It also helps that I have to pick up my husband when he comes from work and the park is close to the train station so I go to the park with the kids one hour before my husband also gets there.

Living Arrows 8/52

Me and the boys visited a new place, which was about 30 minutes drive, and seemed quite nice – Denham Country Park and the boys loved it. We should go there again one time.

Living Arrows 8/52
Living Arrows 8/52

Being able to also go for a drink and a meal with them was the cherry on the cake. Nathan had a Naked Burrito all for himself and both boys treated themselves with a Babyccino at Starbucks. I wasn’t all alone though. My sisters were there to help, but I was surprised the boys behaved very well. My sister treated Nathan by paying for him to go on a few rides from the shopping centre and she got him a PJ Masks balloon. He was living his life, he was!

Overall, it was one of the best weeks we had, and it’s only week 8 out of 52. Hoping for more weeks as amazing as this one.

6 thoughts on “Living Arrows 8/52”

  • Sounds like you had a great week. I found that Living Arrows did the same for me. It also encourages out of the house at the weekends. Loving the one of your youngest playing the drum in the park x

  • I am so pleased that this project is helping you remember all the positive bits of everyday life, it’s one of the reasons I love doing it each week. Your son’s hair is growing beautifully! x

  • Awww the weather I had been beautiful last week shame it hads turned. My boys love a babychinio they feel all grown up like mummy X #livingarrows

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