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Living Arrows 21/52

My twenty oneth week of joining in with Living Arrows hosted by Donna at What The Redhead Said.  Every Monday, me and other fellow bloggers share a moment from our week and pictures of our children; ideally one of each of our children.

“You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth”

I have missed week 19 and week 20 and I’m disappointed but it happens. Just a quick recap on the other weeks –

On week 19 the boys had their vaccinations done and both didn’t feel very well.

On week 20, I had to fly back to my country with the children only, and I thought I’m not going to be able to manage it all on my own, but it was easier than I expected it. Or actually, the boys behaved better than I have expected and I cannot stop thinking that only God has made this happen.


We arrived back last week actually, but quickly after that we went on another adventure. A mini getaway to spend the Bank Holiday weekend as a family.

Last week was the first time us and the boys went glamping and we loved it. The place we stayed at was amazing, somewhere in Wales!

Redwood Valley Glamping
Redwood Valley Glamping

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  • Never worry about missing a week – I love that you’ve caught up! It sounds like you have had some lovely adventures! x

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