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Living Arrows 2/52

Last week marked a new chapter for our 3 year old. He started nursery, but as it was only a settling week for him to get used to the environment, etc., so we’ll take today as the first official day of nursery – with pictures in front of our house and all the rest of it.

Other than that, we didn’t leave the house much this week; nor did I have time to take pictures with the camera. These are taken with the phone, so I apologise about the quality.

Instead, we watched movies (Benji; Wonder; Mowgli: Legend of the Jungle), we played with their new Legos, and they got a toy walking and barking dog from my sister which they absolutely loved and have been playing with it for the past two days.

Living Arrows Week 2

As you see from the pictures, Nathan is bald and this is a funny story. My sister and then my husband practiced their hair cutting skills on him and it was obviously a disaster because neither of them is a hairdresser; so I told my husband I’m not taking my child to nursery with the most ridiculous haircut. He will be remembered like that forever, so bald haircut it was, although I really don’t like how it looks on him. The good thing out of this is – hair grows back, right?

Living Arrows Week 2

Finally, just wanted to tell you all to think twice before you watch movies with your children :D. I made the ‘mistake’ of watching the movie 3 Ninjas with them and they watched it 3 times by now; but there hasn’t been a day in the house since then when my 3 year old didn’t pretend to be a ninja – dressing up with the bathrobe and strapping the belt tightly as if he had some karate belt grading; kicking and shouting like a ninja boy; and of course his brother would copy everything. He’s now asking me to buy him toy swords so they can ‘fight properly’. Shall I regret putting that movie on?

Living Arrows Week 2

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