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Living Arrows 14/52

My fourteenth week of joining in with Living Arrows hosted by Donna at What The Redhead Said.  Every Monday, me and other fellow bloggers share a moment from our week and pictures of our children; ideally one of each of our children.

“You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth”

Yes, it’s Thursday! And yes, Living Arrows go live on Monday and so far I did quite a pretty good job keeping up with them, although sometimes I published them on Tuesdays but … never on a Thursday before.

Living Arrows 14/52
Here I wanted to take a photo of myself with the self timer but the camera couldn’t find focus, so I asked Nathan to pose for me to help the camera. He is such a poser for sure!

The thing is – I’ve been really tired, sometimes not even bothered, and life has just been a bit hard lately. I do not know how mums with toddlers manage to do many things: look after their house, take care of the children, and work from home too. I’m also a photographer, and editing, etc., also takes time.

I’ve been able to cope pretty well before, but these few days have just been a disaster. I’m with the boys from 7am till about 8pm, and then I’m just too tired to even keep my eyes opened.

Enough about me! Last week we didn’t go out much .. again! But we did have fun at home and the boys loved the spring craft activities that we did.

Living Arrows 14/52
Spring Craft Activities with kids

2 thoughts on “Living Arrows 14/52”

  • I think life with toddlers is a matter of survival. You just do whatever you can to get through and eventually they get a bit bigger and things get easier. I found it so, so hard but by the time our youngest was 2 or 3 it was much easier x

  • I don’t always manage to publish my Living Arrows post on a Monday either. I love the Spring crafting activity – they look great! #LivingArrows

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