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Living Arrows 13/52

My thirteenth week of joining in with Living Arrows hosted by Donna at What The Redhead Said.  Every Monday, me and other fellow bloggers share a moment from our week and pictures of our children; ideally one of each of our children.

“You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth”

I’ve been all over the place for the past few days. I realised that I tend to forget a lot of stuff too, like what we did and how our week went. If it wasn’t for the pictures, I would not remember anything at all. It’s so strange, but that’s me lately! I feel tired and old …

Nevertheless, last Saturday the weather was beautiful so I decided I shall take the boys and visit Aldenham Country Park. We were there for about 4-5h because I don’t have a pram and the boys had to walk all the time. Children walk slow and stop for every bug, every gate, every flower, every everything. It took us an hour to get back to our car when we had to leave. One hour! Crazy, right?

We had so much fun though. They saw the ducks and swan, the ponies; we played with other children in the playground and we had a really good and long walk.

Nathan can also ride his tricycle perfectly. He taught himself really because he didn’t need any help from us at all when he first got on it two weeks ago.

3 thoughts on “Living Arrows 13/52”

  • This looks like such a lovely day out and I know exactly what you mean about children walking slowly – they want to stop and look at every little thing x

  • It looks like you had a lovely day out. I know what you mean about forgetting things – I’m so glad I’ve got the last five years recorded in Living Arrows posts or I would have forgotten half of what we’ve done! #LivingArrows

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