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How I potty trained my toddler in less than a week

I know it’s difficult to teach your children one very important skill – to use the toilet; especially if you want to take them to nursery and some of them won’t even accept children that are not potty trained. You also have friends and family that won’t keep quiet telling you how your child should already be potty trained by the time they are 2, and comparing them with theirs or someone else’s children. First of all, you shouldn’t care about that anyway. Every child is different and they do things in their own time, so with that being said, I want to share my experience with how I potty trained my 2 year old and hope it will help with your potty training process.

I never had a children’s potty and I think that this was the most important thing, for us at least. Our toddler has seen the toilet before, he knew what it was for and how people use it, therefore I didn’t want to buy him one just so I don’t confuse him even more. Only getting them used to something that they’ve never seen before can take more time for some children. I’ve also seen a lot of them thinking the potty is actually a toy and they will do all sorts of things with it; so, I had a toilet trainer from Amazon instead.

This has made my life 100 times easier, I definitely recommend it. When my toddler turned 2.6 years old, I would help him get up on the toilet and stay with him there. I wasn’t doing it too often, every other day or so, but I just wanted him to get used to it. I always explained to him why we are doing this and kept repeating different reasons as to why he should do it as well such as – big people use the toilet not the nappy; he will soon go to school and the teacher won’t be happy changing him; he is more prone to get a nappy rush if he has a nappy and he always cries when he gets them, but that is very unlikely if he asks to go to the toilet so whenever he wants to, he should tell me and I’ll help; etc.

I didn’t force him; I didn’t insist! This was just the ‘getting used to it’ phase. If he didn’t do anything, that was totally fine, and if he did, I always congratulated him. Praising and congratulating them, encourages the learning process. I did this for a couple of weeks until I decided: ‘Right, we’re ready to do this now!’, so I bought like 20 pairs of briefs and made sure I had enough spare trousers too.

For the first 3 days, I didn’t use a nappy with him at all during the day, but always kept telling him: ‘If you need to go to the toilet, please tell me!’. Of course that never happened and I was expecting it. My job then was to take him to the toilet myself every 45-60 minutes and stay with him. That was still not set in stone and sometime I would forget to do it too. The first 3 days were the hardest, because I was changing wet trousers 5 times a day. Once again, always always keep reminding your child what he should say and do when he needs to use the toilet and praise him when he does well. By day 4, he already knew what he had to do and since that day forward, it all just got so much easier. Now he even goes to the toilet on his own, but I do go with him still.

I totally understand that each child is different and I strongly encourage you to let your child decide when he is ready. You will be able to tell after you’re testing the grounds a little bit – that’s the ‘getting used to it’ phase. If he isn’t ready, you will know, but once he is, this method will work wonders. Me and my friend were doing the same thing at the same time and kept each other updated through messages. We both potty trained them in less than a week.

My next step now is to get rid of the nappies during night time and that’s one thing I struggle with. I don’t really know where to start so if any of you have any advice at all, please please share :D.

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