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Welcome to my blog.
My name is Eliza and I am 21. I have been married for two years and in December 2015, baby Nathan come to the world. We also own Sasha, our gorgeous German Sheppard. Before having baby Nathan, I had a lot more time for travelling but I can’t wait for him to grow so we can discover new territories together.
I love my family, but sometimes it can be quite a challenge. I’m a woman, a wife, a mum, a student, and when time allows, I also go to work. I study Event Management and hopefully I will finish with a 2:1. I have to set myself realistic goals and time management has never been one of my skills.
At the moment we live with my parents and my two sisters which provide me with a lot of support (greatly needed) but in the near future we are planning to move on our own. That will be very difficult but thank God, not impossible!Iosif-Miclaus-Photography-5991