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Happy 2 year anniversary to us!

Today me and my husband are celebrating our 2 year anniversary. Yeeeeey :)! It’s been a good time so far and I cannot believe how time flies. We have had our arguments (and we still do :P), we shouted, we cried, we laughed, we had fun, we forgave and we loved. That is the most important thing after all: to love one another!

I thank my husband for everything he has done for me so far. He goes to work everyday to provide me and baby Nathan with food, shelter and clothes. He wakes up early and he goes to sleep late and most of the times he eats whatever he can find because I don’t always have time to cook . Sometimes I wonder how he still copes with me 😛
I do not think that baby Nathan understands any of this yet, but I am glad that he is also part of our happiness. Being married is the most challenging thing and having to cope with a different person and understand their needs, their likes, and everything that bothers them takes time.
However, patience and love is all you need, that makes it much easier and that also makes you the perfect partner. If you do argue though, don’t panic! That is all part of the package! Panic if you don’t argue. That means that you don’t care about each other and whatever the other person does, good or bad, it does not bother you at all! Very rare you will find a couple that loves each other and never argue!
Although my husband is 4 years and a half older than me, we get along well. This is not a big age gap and I couldn’t be with anyone younger than me. It’s always been a mystery to me how people get along when there is a big age gap such as 10 years, 14 year, 20 years :O. I always thought that younger boys will be more immature since girls mature much earlier. There are exceptions for every rule though, so don’t believe everything they say!
Today I have received the most beautiful bouquet of roses that I ever got from someone,and thank God that was my husband. In fact, the first bouquet of flowers that I have ever received was when I was 17 and he gave it to me. I have not received flowers until 17 (sad, I know!). I always wanted to receive a big big bouquet of roses and I think I only mentioned it once long time ago. Bless him, he remembered!


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