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Gift Ideas for a Mum to Be

I have had so many friends give birth this year, and I thought that it will be a good idea to write a gift guide for the other people out there looking for inspiration on what gifts to give to a mum to be or someone who’s just had a baby.

Feathered Friends Storage Basket

This toys basket isn’t your ordinary one, but a very modern and minimalist feature to add to the baby’s room. It might look quite small in the picture, but when I first opened it, I noticed it’s actually very big. 90% of the toys we have in the house fit in this basket, and the fabric is coated cotton which ensures that the basket doesn’t collapse when empty.

Leggings and Hat Set

This set from Albie and Sebastian is just adorable, and they sell so many more baby items which are just at pretty.  They are made from soft stretch jersey and are super soft and comfortable for babies! It also comes in an organic drawstring bag so you keep the set as a keepsake once the baby has outgrown it.

Maternity Leggings

These leggings from LoveLeggings have an over the bump design encouraging free movement for both you and your baby and are super comfortable. I remember when I was pregnant, leggings were so much easier to wear than any jeans or trousers. They have been designed from the softest cotton for full coverage, so the material is just perfect for summer or winter, because they really keep you warm.

Mum to Be gift ideas

Mum Treatment Kit

This set from Tropika includes a tummy butter, a massage cream and postpartum restorativeMassage Oil and it’s only £39.99. All of them are made from with virgin coconut oil, which is sustainably produced in small Malaysian communities that the brand supports and without the use of chemicals or pesticides.

Magnesium For The Mum to Be

During the last weeks of pregnancy, the mum tends to get very tired and has aching muscles. The magnesium bath flakes can help with that. Soaking in a magnesium-rich bath helps promote relaxation and soothe tired and aching muscles.

The Sleep Lotion is clinically proven to improve sleep quality and that’s another thing mums need to enjoy as much as possible before the new addition to the family. The lotion combines magnesium chloride to help relax tired muscles with lavender and chamomile to quieten the mind.

Watercolour Wings Baby Bib

This must be one of the prettiest bibs I have seen and I have no doubt that any mother would say the same. Elodie Details has many bibs that look just as beautiful and with amazing details.

Dancing Monkey Teether & Monkey Toy

A teether is an essential for a new mum to be and her baby. Around 4 to 5 months, babies start teething and this toy is great for comforting and helping your baby through that stage. I’ve got a full review on one of the monkey teething toys if you’d like a read – Matchstick Monkey.

Photo Album – Motif

Gather a few photos of the mum and baby and gift them with an album that they can keep and treasure forever. I’m a photographer so photos mean a lot to me and our family. I take loads of them and although I back them up in several places, there’s nothing as memorable as prints and albums.

Motif is really easy to use from you Mac computer, and you can edit the album as you wish and also add as many pages as you wish. The album in the picture is the biggest size (Hardcover 33 x 25cm) and it’s only £34.99 for 20 pages. I was really impressed with the quality of the photos and of the paper.

Mum to Be gift ideas
Mum to Be gift ideas

Jennie Travel Changing Bag

This is a travel bag with a pocket on the back that slips over the handles of your suitcase, so that the bag fits easily on top of the suitcase to make traveling easier. It’s made in ultra soft faux-leather, with a bright water-proof interior, it’s a good size and it has lots of pockets to make sure you can fit everything from your phone and tablet, to baby’s bottles and nappies.

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