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December challenge: 15 acts of kindness ideas

It’s December! Christmas is just around the corner and calling us to be KIND again. I know this post is a little bit late, but with my literature review for my dissertation due in today, I was so stressed and overwhelmed, I couldn’t really find the time to do anything else. It’s December already, can you believe it? What are your plans for this month? 
Last month’s challenge was also to be kind to one another but I did that by sending messages of kindness, etc. However, this month I want to actually give to people. Last month’s goal was to do that every single day and I realised that it’s quite hard to accomplish that (maybe it would be easier if I wasn’t going to uni). Therefore, I’m aiming to do a minimum of 2 acts of kindness this month and I’m hoping to keep this tradition for every single month of the year because giving is oh, my favourite thing to do.
November was such a special month. I have managed to send messages to people that I have never seen or talked to before in my life, but that I appreciated because of who they are. I have also left a thank you card and a chocolate on the door for our post man which inspired so many of my friends from Instagram to also be kind (by the way, I want to see all of your acts of kindness, so please use the hashtag #abettermechallenge).
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Lastly, I reconnected with old friends that I haven’t spoken with in years and thought that I never will again. Going through old pictures and remembering all the good times and memories with the people that once meant something for me, makes me miss them to a point where I really want to hear them one more time but just don’t have the courage to say ‘Hello’ anymore. I’m not asking you to be best friends again or tell each other your whole story since you last spoke, but .. make peace with each other. A ‘Hello, how are you? How have you been?’ is just enough .. for me at least, that is pure soul therapy.
Now, moving on to my December challenge, I’ll list some ideas that I am willing to tick this month 😃

  1. Buy breakfast/lunch for a homeless person
  2. Pay the coffee for the person behind me at the till
  3. Buy flowers and visit the maternity ward at my nearest hospital and give them to a woman that has just given birth (trust me, after all that work, she deserves them)
  4. Cook lunch for my neighbour (mine happens to be a widowed retired police officer which has also been so kind to us numerous times)
  5. Bake cookies or cakes and give them to all your neighbours
  6. If I’m at a restaurant, send dessert to another table and tell the waiter to keep it a secret (I’ll pay for it of course)
  7. If someone from customer services was extremely helpful and kind to me, make sure to tell their manager
  8. Offer to babysit for someone who is always at home with their children so that they could have 2-3 hours just for themselves
  9. I really really want to go back to the hospital where I gave birth to my first child, find the midwife that has helped me, and leave a card/chocolate & flowers, as well as a picture with me and my son, telling her how grateful I am that she has been there for me motivating and encouraging me all the way through, and thanks to her, my child is here with me today (I had amazing midwifes, but I know that some women had awful experiences. I really want to know everyone’s experiences during labour, so feel free to share your stories)
  10. Thank one of my university teachers with a gift
  11. Offer to give a friend a ride home
  12. Donate my cut hair to Little Princess Trust
  13. Take pictures of a single mother and her child with my camera and give her the prints/or an album
  14. Listen to someone’s story without interrupting
  15. I don’t forgive very easily so I want to forgive more and repeat as many times as necessary.


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