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Dear Mother, you are not alone!

We all see the perfect family pictures on the social media sites and think that they probably have it so easy and they can manage everything with no stress, no worries and no sleepless nights. I don’t think that this is true, although every family is different and some parents have more patience, more experience than others, etc. while some kids are more energetic/stubborn that others; but in the end, parenting is not easy. 

I really don’t know how mothers with twins or more than two kids manage to do everything. I can’t even imagine what I’ll do, but I truly admire them. They are what I call super hero mums. I have a 20 months old toddler and a 2 months baby and it’s definitely not easy.

My life revolves around changing nappies – when I thought I’ve finished, one will need changing once more; dirty clothes; washing dirty hands and feet; feeding them every other hour, and doing the rest of the house chores and by the time the day ends, I have sweated more than my husband does at his constructions work place.

I feel like I’m doing the same things over and over again, every single day. A mother’s life is a complete routine unless you make it otherwise, but …

Dear Mother, you are not alone! 

  • you are not the only one that wakes up first thing in the morning
  • you are not the only one that goes to bed last
  • you are not the only one that needs a break or even 30 minutes to yourself

Dear Mother, you are not alone


  • not the only one that doesn’t have time to eat a whole meal for lunch, but just an apple and snacks for an entire day
  • not the only one that hasn’t washed her hair for 4 days and husband thinks you went for a complete makeover when you do
  • not the only one that drinks cold coffee (or puts it in the microwave multiple times) because you don’t have time to drink it as soon as you make it and in fact; I don’t even bother warming up the milk – I pour cold milk in my coffee instead because it will get cold anyway
  • you are not the only one that swims in piles of laundry and full sinks of dishes every single day.

Motherhood is very hard, harder than having a job, but it is so rewarding. You spend a lot of time, effort and love to teach and raise your children. And no matter how hard it is, and you probably think that it’s a lot easier for everyone else and only you go through this, it’s not true. Dear mother, we all go through the same experiences. You are not alone!

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