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Cotswolds in photos – Bibury and Burford!

This year in April, we visited the Cotswolds with the children. It was a place I wanted to visit for a long time. We took the decision to actually go and visit the night before. I booked the hotel and next day we were on our journey! I love spontaneous trips and having children doesn’t mean we can’t do that sometimes!

We stayed one night at Campanile Swindon which was a nice place and at a very affordable price.

We visited Bibury and Burford, but also stopped in other little villages on the way, for coffee and photos of course. I’m not going to bore you with their history or write long paragraphs about them. I’ll just get all that information from Google anyway which is something you’re probably very good at too.

Photos speak more than words, and I’m sure that after seeing these, you’ll want to visit the Cotswolds too! I do advise you take lots of photos, be amazed by the beautiful scenery and eat lots of ice-cream. There’s ice cream pretty much everywhere over there. This wasn’t really the best child/family friendly trip, but ice cream saved us. Our kids had so much of it!


From our trip to Bibury, Cotswolds

Some photos we took on the way to Burford …


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