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5 products I always buy from Costco|UK – part 1

5 of my favourite products to buy from Costco in UK.

Tuna Lasagna

My husband is not a fan of tuna but I love it. I could have tuna and sweetcorn all day long, so when I first made this lasagna and my husband loved it too, I was so happy. I make this recipe quite often now […]

Easy Tuna Pasta Bake

Easy and super quick tuna pasta bake recipe. This recipe is enough for 4 people.

A bite of Nando's

Did I tell you how much I love food? Oh, but did I tell you how much I like to eat out, visit new restaurant and try new dishes? Well, I do! I would rather visit a restaurant than buy myself new clothes, that’s how […]

Joe Wicks Books – Review

Joe Wicks Books – Review

Not long ago I have purchased two amazing books: Lean in 15 Book 1 and 2 by Joe Wicks. It was money well spent. I bought them from Waterstones and at that time, both of them were half priced which was a bargain really. I […]