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Canon 80D : my experience

I didn't know a thing about photography until I got this camera as a birthday present and since then, haven't been able to leave it on a side.

10 Affordable and practical gift ideas for your husband 

Looking for an affordable and practical gift for your husband but run out of ideas? Look no more, I've got 10 that he will love.

Autumn Lookbook|Outfit Inspiration 2017

This blog posts will show you four different autumn looks and links where to buy alternative clothing from. Definitely work reading if you need autumn outfit inspiration!

Dear Mother, you are not alone!

We all see the perfect family pictures on the social media sites and think that they probably have it so easy and they can manage everything with no stress, no worries and no sleepless nights. I don’t necessarily think that this is true, although every family is different and some parents have more patience, more ...

20 Activities to do with your toddler this summer

I just realised this year that summer is not my favourite season. I know, when it’s too cold and windy and rainy, we complain all the time and ask for a bit of sun; but us humans, we are never happy with what we have, are we? I think I prefer spring … or autumn? ...

Tulip fields in Keukenhof Gardens - Holland

Summer, please don’t go!

Wow! Today was definitely a hot day. The last few days have been really hot too but today it was the hottest day definitely. Finally, after so much rain it was about time for the sun to come out.