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Canon 80D review

I have always loved to take photos and have my pictures taken (not so much anymore), but I still love to take pictures though and since having a baby, I started to do that even more. I have never used a professional camera so the phone was my best friend until this year, when my husband bought me a DSLR camera as my birthday gift. Imagine how happy I was!
He doesn’t know a lot about cameras or photography and I wasn’t an expert either. There are so many DSLR options out there and I just didn’t know what to buy, so a friend recommended the Canon 80D. Let’s just say that I didn’t do my research properly and I didn’t know as much about photography before I got my camera. I read a lot of reviews and they were all excellent so we just bought the camera because I’ve only read good things about it.
Well, I only wanted a camera to take pictures of my children, family and document all the precious memories with them so the 80D looked just perfect then. We paid quite a lot for it as well considering that we only needed it for our family and nothing else. However, since I had it, I haven’t stopped taking pictures, editing, watching YouTube videos, reading and asking everyone for tips and advice. I have realised that photography was something that I have always wanted to do but I just didn’t have enough courage and motivation … and the tools to start it.

These pictures were taken this summer and I’ve come pretty far since then I think. I laugh when I look back 🙂
Canon 80D : my experience and review
This is another picture taken this summer and I was just trying to figure out my editing style at that time.

Only after discovering this hidden passion of mine, I did a lot more research about cameras and I want another one so badly (a Canon 5D to be more specific). That’s mainly because I’ve learned more things now and I think I feel comfortable with a camera, although I still need to learn a lot but I could do that with an advanced one too if I was to upgrade. The Canon 80D is a very good starter camera, an option for someone that can’t afford to purchase a full frame one because they are usually more expensive.That’s also something I had no idea about because if I did, I would’ve bought a full frame camera from the beginning.

Canon 80D : my experience and review
This is looking a bit better than when I first started but still have loads to learn.

Canon 80D : my experience and reviewCanon 80D : my experience and review
If you want to see more pictures taken with this camera, read here or here or here!
The Canon 80D requires EFS lens which are the cheaper version of lens, where as full frame cameras require EF lens. You can still use EF lens for the 80D, but it’s not possible to use the EFS on full frame cameras. Therefore I have bought a Canon EF 50mm 1.5 lens because if I will ever upgrade, I don’t want to buy another one again. There are disadvantages to this, but I am trying to work with it like that for now because I love this lens. Money weren’t a big issue for us + I would’ve only spent like £300-£400 more for a Canon 6D which is a full frame camera and I see lots of photographers use it. It’s a really good camera to start with if you are serious about photography. If you do have the money, invest in a full frame one and just buy one lens at a time because they are so expensive too.
Canon 80D : my experience and reviewCanon 80D : my experience and reviewCanon 80D : my experience and review

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