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Burned DIY Christmas Cards

I have never been a fan of cards. I don’t like to receive birthday cards or any cards at all because I think that they are not practical at all and you don’t actually use them for anything after you receive them. I prefer to give people something that they will actually make a use of. However, since Christmas cards are so popular and everyone at my sons’ nursery was doing them, I thought that I should join in so I am not seen as the weird mum that doesn’t care about all the activities that happen at her children’s nursery/school.
If I don’t like cards, it doesn’t mean I have to send the same message to my children. It was also an opportunity for me to do another DIY project and since I love DIY’s, I really did enjoy making these burned DIY Christmas cards for the children and for my first attempt at cards, I quite liked how they came out.
You will need:

  • coloured card paper (I used dividers because I had that at home)
  • decorative border tape (got mine from Poundland)
  • scissors
  • stove top (or lighter)
  • marker pens
  • normal pen

Burnt DIY Christmas Cards
You fold the coloured card paper in half and then cut it with the scissors. After this, you will fold it in half again to form the card. Use the lighter and burn the edges of the front card page. Once it starts to form shape and you like the look of it, blow to stop the fire and gently tap the ends with wipes.
Burnt DIY Christmas CardsBurnt DIY Christmas Cards
I used a lighter first but after I did about 5 cards, the lighter run out and so I needed to come up with another idea because I didn’t have extra lighters in the house.
Burnt DIY Christmas CardsBurnt DIY Christmas Cards
I did the rest of them on the stove top but you have to be very careful while you do these. I covered the stove top with aluminium foil just to make it easier to clean.
Burnt DIY Christmas Cards
And this is the final product! 


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