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A trip to Bruges, Belgium!

In April we have decided to take our children to Belgium and I knew that traveling with children is hard work however, I did not regret it at all. It was the best short holiday we’ve had so far. We enjoyed it and the kids loved it too, so I can’t wait for our next trip in Europe.

If you read my first post from our trip to Belgium, I wrote about how we got there and what we visited first so it’s worth reading if you want to visit more places in Belgium when you decide to go.
We also got to visit Bruges. I have actually heard of this beautiful city after seeing a picture on Instagram. I didn’t know about it before, but after seeing pictures, I fell in love with Bruges and the beautiful buildings and had to visit. I like historical places and buildings – it’s not for everyone, but me and my husband love everything really – beaches, mountains, historical and modern – if it means that we get to travel and see new places, we’re up for it!

One BIG word of advice!

–  if you are a student (it doesn’t matter if not in Belgium), show them your student card and you will pay the student price for all the visitor attractions that offer a student deal. I had mine with me by total mistake, but so lucky! I didn’t plan to take it and I left it in the coat that I usually wore to go to university so I could easily find it when I got back home. Somehow, I ended up taking the same coat to Belgium and I was so happy that my student card was also in there. 

From our trip in Bruges, Belgium.From our trip in Bruges, Belgium.From our trip in Bruges, Belgium.From our trip in the Market Square in Bruges, Belgium.
What we visited in Bruges?

From what I saw, the market square (Markt) which is the heart of the city, seems to be the most popular and full of history. Museums and buildings such as the Belfry of Bruges and the Basilica of the Holy Blood are located in the square, but every corner is surrounded by beauty, history and it looks just like in the medieval times.

The Belfry of Bruges is a medieval bell tower with 366 steps leading to views, for an entry fee. It also has a treasure chamber and 47-belled carillon. None of us went up there because it’s hard to go up the narrow, steep staircase with children, but I would’ve definitely liked to go. The history says that the belfry was destroyed three times because of a devastating fire. After the last fire in 1741, the belfry was rebuild again with a total of 26 bells.

The Basilica of the Holy Blood is a Roman Catholic minor basilica which was originally built in the 12th century as the chapel of the residence of the Count of Flanders.

At some point we managed to sit down and enjoy a delicious hot chocolate – it was a full mug of hot silky milk and a square of chocolate on the side that you had to stir in the milk.  I actually loved this and realised I can always make the same thing at home since I’m a fan of hot chocolate! 

Market Square in Bruges, Belgium.
Market Square in Bruges, Belgium.Market Square in Bruges, Belgium. Market Square in Bruges, Belgium. Market Square in Bruges, Belgium.Market Square in Bruges, Belgium.
We did however manage to visit the “Historium” which is a museum that takes you back in time to medieval Bruges (15th century). I think it’s a beautiful museum and really worth every penny, because there’s so much to see. The disadvantage is that there isn’t a lift, so you can’t take a buggy inside if you’re visiting with babies; you’ll have to take a baby carrier to places like these.

In the market square there’s also the beer museum where you can taste beer, but since we’re not into alcohol, we didn’t visit that one.

You could go on a horse carriage ride too which costs €50 for 30 minutes they say, but I really think it’s less than that. We didn’t go because:

    1. We found it too expensive and not worth it! 
    2. We walked instead and would definitely recommend this since you’ve got more time to admire the city and take loads of pictures; and it’s just an easier way to make your children tired so they can have a good sleep in the car on your way back home 😛! 

Horse carriage rides in BrugesFrom our trip to Bruges, BelgiumFrom our trip in Bruges, BelgiumFrom our trip to Bruges, Belgium

What to visit in Bruges, Belgium

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