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Baby Nathan

Many of you that have a baby will know how much love someone can have for one little person and there will be many, many things that you will adore about your little human being.

I don’t know about you, but I used to find new born babies not so pretty. I did like them once they reached 6 months or so, but when they were smaller they looked rather funny. I couldn’t wait to see what my baby would look like and I kept questioning myself if I would like him or not. If I didn’t like newborn babies, it would be obvious that I wouldn’t like mine either, right?

Well, to my surprise, I was wrong. When I gave birth to my baby, Nathan, I liked him from the very first second I saw him. He was beautiful! I never thought that you could love someone that way until I had him. To me, he is the most beautiful kid on earth and now I completely understand that every parent feels the same way about their children. We are all beautiful, but we all see beauty in different ways.IMG_4995

l. Baby smell

There are so many things that I didn’t know about babies and I am learning every day. One thing I noticed is that babies naturally smell really good. It’s not even the detergent that we use on their clothes or the perfume that we use on ourselves. It’s the irresistible smell that makes me want to take deep sniffs all day long. I wish someone could invent a perfume like that if no one has already done so.
2. Hands and feet
I love his little hands, his fingers and his little feet. When he grabs my finger with his tiny hand and doesn’t want to let go … how are they so little, yet so strong? I kiss his hands A LOT, I can’t help it. He must’ve had enough of me already!
3. Smile
My baby smiles through his sleep and sometimes he cries for a few seconds too as if he had a nightmare. Does yours do that too? He makes all kind of facial expressions, cute faces which I adore. I absolutely adore it when he falls asleep and smiles all of a sudden with his mouth wide open. His smile “makes me stop and stare for a while” 😛
I’m having a hard time trying to teach him how to sleep in his cot. Since the moment he came home, everybody held him in their arms. I live with my parents and my two sisters so I guess it is understandable, but now he will only sleep in our arms or on my chest. I am very limited when it comes to any house chore, including cooking for my husband … However, I do love it when he stops crying as soon as I pick him up from the cot. I want to cherish these moments while he is still little because he will soon grow and I will not be able to hold him in my arms anymore.
I find it incredible how babies know how to feed. It does indeed build a powerful physical and emotional bond between me and my baby when I am breastfeeding and it makes me love him even more. I have no words to describe how I feel when he is attached to my breast and I see him eating. I think it’s one of my favourite things. I see how fragile he is, and the fact that he is so dependent on me and relies on people around him for everything (including food, sleep, changing clothes and nappies) shows me how much he really needs me now.
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