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Baby Nathan turned 7 months!

Yesterday baby Nathan turned 7 months :). When I gave birth he was sooo tiny and I thought that time would go so slow, but I was wrong. Time flies! I can’t believe how fast time goes! It does feel like I’ve had him for ages though hence the reason I can’t remember when he was tiny. I only know that from the pictures now!
Still, in just 7 months, he grew a lot. It’s so weird how babies change that much when they are little and we just stop growing at some point. Even if you don’t see someone for like 3-4 years and then we meet, we still look the same.

  • Baby Nathan is such a happy kid and so friendly as well. He simply smiles at everyone even if he doesn’t know them and loves all the attention he can get. He likes it when people talk to him also. Whenever he gets too happy or excited, he moves his hands and legs continuously, like he is about to fly.


  • He loves standing and bouncing. Whenever he is sitting down and I call him, he will  lean forward with arms outstretched so that I help him to get up. You should see the smile and the happiness on his face when he manages to stand. Cuteness overload! He will use anything that helps him stand. For instance, if I leave him in his cot bet he will grab the side of the bed and after a bit of trying, he will be standing there proudly smiling at me and if he could speak I bet he would say “Mummy, you should be proud of me! I managed to get up by myself!”


  • With support from us, Nathan has started to make his first steps already. I do not let him walk for too long though, just for a few seconds but he seems to enjoy it. I won’t be surprised if he will start walking soon.


  • Also, he “talks” so much lately. It’s amazing to hear him “complain” and “shout” at us when he isn’t happy or just show us how excited he is. All he can say is da-da and a-ga but I do reply to whatever he says :D. I don’t want him to feel like he is ignored.


  • I leave him on the floor surrounded by toys and I quickly go to the kitchen to prepare him food. He would ignore all the toys (I sometimes feel like he doesn’t like toys) and he would crawl and come to the kitchen after me. Wherever I go, he would just turn around and keep crawling! Why can’t he just play with the toys?


  • You already know that he doesn’t like toys that much. He gets bored very easily of them, but he loves to play with people instead. If I talk or sing to him, giggle him or kiss him, he would be much happier. I went to my uncle’s house one day and he has two twin girls aged 2. Nathan did not cry at all and he played with the girls and the toys for the entire time. I was amazed! He definitely likes kids and company.

Because there are so many of us in the house and only one baby, you can imagine that he gets all the attention and a lot of love. He is a spoiled baby but I do not want him to grow up thinking that he can do whatever he wants. At the moment though, he is being very difficult. Even my mum said that he is a fussy baby and if she stays with him for 30 minutes, she already calls me to take him because she is tired.
For instance, he would not sleep on his own most of the times. I will have to either be next to him, sing,  he would have to be bounced or walked around the room in my arms. He likes pretty strong movement as well, I consider that my exercise for the day :P. He never falls to sleep on his own and since I’m not an expert in this field, maybe someone could tell me how they managed to teach their baby to go to sleep on their own!

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