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Babies and Toddlers Christmas Gift Guide

What’s there not to love about Christmas? We spend this time with family and friends celebrating Jesus’ birth; we eat really good food and hot drinks in our cozy and warm homes; we are creating everlasting memories and bonding our relationships; and last but not least, we are usually being more generous at this time of year and even the little ones deserve a Christmas present. Here I’ve put together a list of gifts that are great for babies and toddlers this Christmas. 


Wooden Alphabet Building Blocks | Suzemu 

I’ve loved the packaging of these alphabet blocks from Suzemu and it means a lot to me when brands pay attention to such little, but important details. Lately, I’ve also been obsessed with wooden toys for toddlers; they just look much prettier. The children play and learn at the same time with these alphabet blocks which is a great bonus and will keep them entertained for a while, but they will also look lovely in a toddler’s bedroom decor. The blocks come in Pink & Grey or Mint & Grey and each set contains 12 blocks with a letter on each side.

Suzemu offers free UK delivery, and they also have great Black Friday deals going on at the moment on some products which you should definitely check out because they have many great babies and toddlers’ products.


Baking Gift Set | Messy Me 

If your toddler loves to get involved in everything – from cleaning to cooking, you should definitely get them a baking set from Messy Me. My little one was super excited when he opened the box and we already made cookies together twice. The set includes a wipe clean apron, a mini rolling pin and a set of cookie cutters in the shape of stars. I love that the apron is so easy to clean therefore it doesn’t matter if it gets a bit messy in the process. The aprons come in different colours and designs. I’m certain this gift will be much appreciated by many toddlers and it’s the perfect tool to creating many memories and having lots of fun in the kitchen.


Wool Hat | Elodie Details 

Toddlers Christmas Gift Guide Toddlers Christmas Gift Guide

This has got to be the most comfortable hat that the boys have. The material is 100% wool, great quality and design, and it really does help to keep babies and toddler’s heads warm and comfortable even on really cold days. Elodie Details sell four different sizes, from 0 to 3 years, and I’m sure the 2-3 yr old one could even be worn by your child until he is much older. My toddler is 3 years old and the hat is not too tight on his head; but still perfect to keep him warm.

Black Friday Deals are also ON on their website!


Bubble Baby Bath and Wash | Johnson’s Baby

Toddlers Christmas Gift Guide

My boys love a good bath and if there’s bubbles in it, even better. They could stay there for 1-2 hours without complaining. I definitely don’t mind all the splashing and the fun – they are only children once, I let them have fun. The Johnsons’s formula makes lots of bubbles and it is mild to the eyes so your babies and toddlers don’t tear anymore. You can find it at the majority of the big supermarkets – Morrisons, Asda, Tesco, Boots, etc.


Romper | Lena’s Yard 

Toddlers Christmas Gift Guide

I love supporting small businesses and what better time than Christmas and other holidays to make them happy and help them provide for the family. Lena’s Yard sells some lovely baby and toddler rompers on Etsy at a great affordable price and the quality and design of them are really beautiful. She has a variety of designs to choose from and she makes rompers for 3 months old to 4 years old. What I love about them is that although my child is only turning 3 and the romper is for a 3-4 years old, it doesn’t look bad at all on him and there’s still plenty of room for him to grow in the romper. I can only imagine how gorgeous it will look in the summer with a pretty pair of sandals. There is also 20% off on all the items for Black Friday.


BackPack Mini | Elodie Details 

Toddlers Christmas Gift Guide Toddlers Christmas Gift Guide

All the products from Elodie Details are very pretty and they pay so much attention to detail which I absolutely love. Nathan adores his backpack which is perfect for carrying his fruits, snacks, and toys to the park or whenever we go out somewhere. Inside the bag, it has got a thermo-pocket on the side to keep bottle warm/cold and upright. I also really like the small pocket at the front with the leather details and their logo printed on it. It makes it look different and unique. This particular bag is now discounted on their website and it will make a perfect gift for your toddler.


Bunny & Blanket | Elodie Details 

Toddlers Christmas Gift Guide

As previously mentioned, Elodie Details has a great variety of pretty items for babies and toddlers. They are all elegant, great quality, and a variety of designs too. The Bunny – Funny Francis is super adorable and the blanket just goes very well with it. The boys love to sleep next to the bunny and carry it with them everywhere. Elodie Details’ bunnies and blankets will make the perfect Christmas gift for babies and toddlers.


Emollient Balm and Cream | Aveeno 

Toddlers Christmas Gift Guide

I love Aveeno products. I have found them really good so far and they are very beneficial for babies and toddlers too. The night balm and day cream help moisturise baby’s skin so they have a good night sleep. Both products contain avenanthramides which are found in oats and well known for their soothing properties, as well as colloidal oatmeal which is finely milled oatmeal that helps restore the skin’s natural barrier, preventing water loss.


Gelli Worlds Dino Pack | Zimpli Kids 

Toddlers Christmas Gift Guide

This pack from Zimpli Kids is so fun for toddlers. You add the Gelli Powder to water and watch as the water transforms before your eyes. By exploring new processes and textures, children can enjoy play time whilst learning at the same time. Their products are 100% safe on skin, non toxic and environmentally friendly.

My toddler loved playing with the dinosaurs in this tray that came with the pack. He let his imagination go wild telling me he was building a house for the dinosaurs, then he was making them swim and all sorts of stuff. He played for 40 minutes and I was amazed because he never spends so long on any activity; and didn’t let me throw the Gelli because he wanted to play again the next day. Luckily, Zimpli Kids sell the Gelli Powder separately too.

Dried Coconut Snacks | Wallaroo 

Wallaroo Dried Fruit Snacks Review

Lately, we have had these snacks in the house all the time. My toddler loves them and I love anything with coconut. I have written a full review about them here, so feel free to take a look.

I really hope this gift guide has given you more ideas and good luck shopping!

Have a Merry Christmas with your loved little ones.

Christmas Gift Ideas For Babies and Toddlers


These products were sent for inclusion in this guide, however all opinions are my own.

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