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Angel Care or Tommee Tippee Nappy Disposal – Review

I remember having nappy disposal bags everywhere in the house when I first gave birth. I had no idea that these bins even existed until I went to a friend of mine who also had a baby and I thought that this bin was awesome. Going outside 20 times a day to take the nappies to the bin was something that really needed to be changed so I did not hesitate to buy the Angel Care Nappy disposal bin as soon as I saw it. 


Angel Care Nappy disposal

This bin was so handy and useful I can’t even tell you how much it helped us. It fits a lot of nappies at one time, around 20 ±, depending on the size but at the moment Nathan uses size 5 so around 20± nappies will fit.  Needless to say that after throwing the first full bin, you will still use the bag from the same cassette since it’s very long. One refill cassette lasts me for about 3 weeks more or less. I never buy just one cassette, I always pack the 3 pack or the 6 pack since I don’t like shopping all the time and I love buying everything in bulk. I usually buy it when it’s on sale as well, and most of the time you can find pretty good deals.
I like the design of this bin: it’s white, simple, it fits in every room (although we keep it in our bathroom) and it can even be used as a normal bin which is something that I do a lot. The only downside to it is that you have to push the nappies (or the rubbish) since it will not go inside by itself, but otherwise I truly recommend it.
The cassettes are on my Amazon Subscribe and Save List, but this is another blog post, another time.

Tommee Tippee Nappy disposal 

Although I already had the bin from Angel Care, I bought this one from Tommee Tippee  for someone else and decided to keep it myself in the end. We have this in our bedroom and again, I will put other stuff in it besides nappies because to me, it’s still a bin. The cassettes are a bit more expensive but if you buy it when it is on sale, it’s quite the same price and as I said before, this item seems like it’s always on sale. Or maybe that’s because I buy more than I need at a given time, and by the next time I need it, it goes on sale once more. Who knows?

You don’t actually have to push the nappy inside with this bin. You only spin the cassette (read the instructions or watch a Youtube video) and it will do the rest for you. I didn’t know how to do it either at the beginning. I also love the design and colour of it, I find it much prettier than the other one. However, it’s a bit smaller and although the cassette will fit the same number of nappies, the only difference is that the bin will fill up much quicker at one time.

What I don’t like about this bin is that when you actually spin the cassette to lock the nappy and the smell, I actually think it wastes more of the bin and it’s not only what I think .. it actually does waste it. Instead of fitting 40 nappies for instance, it will fit 20. Also, it looks very weird and super long when you get the whole thing out to take it outside. My husband changes it usually and he also said that he is not very happy with it, so I really don’t know how I feel about this bin.

The cassettes look like this:

With that being said, it is a good thing to have and it’s worth buying a nappy bin disposal if you are expecting a baby 👶  or have a baby 🍼 already. There is a lot of room for improvement in both of them, but until the brands decide to do something, we will just use what we have … unless someone else decides to make a better one for the same price 😅.

My favourite is still the one from Angel Care though simply because it fits more nappies and I don’t have to spin the cassette all the time + the one from Tommee Tippee is annoying sometimes because the cassette won’t spin so I have to close the lid, open it again and then spin and I love my time; I don’t like spending it on things like these. Every second counts!

UPDATE 2nd February, 2018 
Since this post was last written, the Tommee Tippee bin hasn’t been used at all. It has just been sitting in our room occupying the space and I don’t know what to do with it. We use the Angel Care one all the time. We love it!

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