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About me


I’m so glad that you’re here, reading my thoughts and interested in what I’ve got to say.

My name is Eliza and I am 23. I have been married for four years and I have two little boys: Nathan and Josh. We also have Sasha, our gorgeous German Sheppard. Before having children, I had a lot more time for travelling but I can’t wait for them to grow so we can discover new territories together.

I love my family, but sometimes it can be quite a challenge. I’m a woman, a wife, a mum, a recent graduate, and also a wedding photographer, so I’ve got my hands pretty full.

I studied Event Management with Spanish and I graduated this year with a First class degree.

At the moment we live with my parents and my two sisters which provide me with a lot of support (greatly needed) but in the near future we are planning to move in our own house which we can call home. That will be very difficult seeing how expensive houses are, but with the help of God, nothing is impossible! We just have to trust the Lord that provides for us.

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I’m more than happy to review products or services in return for payment and/or goods.  I’ll only work with brands or companies that I think fit well with my lifestyle and my blog.

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