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A visit to Paradise Wildlife Park

Last week we visited Paradise Wildlife Park in Hertfordshire and it brought back all sorts of memories. I didn’t visit the zoo many times when I was a child, but I do remember the days I did go to the zoo with family or school. I treasure these memories and I hope my children will do too. This was my children’s first ever visit to a wildlife park. I’ve heard of it before but never imagined it would actually be worth the visit and so big. We spent 6 hours there; the longest we’ve ever spent visiting something with the children and I still feel like I didn’t see it all. 

We went with the car since it’s the easiest way to travel with the children. When we got there at 10am there were so many people already, I was impressed. ‘It must be really good’ I thought. However, the car park is huge and free, so we had plenty of space to park. When entering the park, we saw the children’s enormous play area and I so wished we had something like that at our local park. We would go there every single day. I knew that the boys will be happy here and that I made the best decision to spend our Saturday at Paradise Wildlife Park. The tickets are £19.95 for adults (or £21 at the gate), £17.57 for 2-15yrs (or £18.50 at the gate) and children under 2 go free.

I took LOADS of pictures so I apologise in advance for the spam but I promise you’ll want to visit too after you see these pictures.

First stop was the birds area. The children were more than excited when they realised where we are.

After this, we stoped and played a little bit and hired a ride-on car for the whole day which was only £5 but since we had no buggy, this was a life saver. Our youngest loved it.

The World of Dinosaurs was our next stop and the one I was looking forward to the most. Thank you George from Peppa Pig for introducing my toddler to dinosaurs. He is obsessed with them although it all seemed so real when we got there; it was the first time he was afraid. You will see that in the first picture we took together, but he quickly realised that the dinosaurs at Paradise Wildlife Park are super friendly and fun. We spent a very long time with the dinosaurs because getting to know them all is worth it. The boys couldn’t leave the shop without taking one at home. Don’t ask me which one we got; I’m still waiting for my toddler to grow up so he can teach me all their names.

By the time we finished with the dinosaurs, it was time for lunch. You can also bring packed lunch; they have picnic areas which is nice. We bought food from the restaurant and ate inside although the seating outdoors looked nicer and but it was packed. Of course my oldest decided food is for grown-ups only and he barely had his meal and wanted ice cream instead. They sell ice-cream just on the left as you enter the restaurant. He doesn’t have sweets or chocolate usually, but would have ice cream sometimes so I bought him one. Arguing with a toddler in public is like fighting an army. My beef burger with bacon and cheese was delicious. We spent £30 in total for food, but if you’re on a budget, it’s totally ok to bring packed food.

Paradise Wildlife Park Eating Area

We visited Paradise Wildlife Park in Hertfordshire with the children

Opposite the restaurant there was the Safari Stage where a different dinosaur was coming to the stage at every hour so people can take pictures with them. The boys were fortunate to queue up to take a picture with Tyrannosaurus Rex. By this time, our toddler was no longer afraid of them and the he looked a lot happier in these pictures.

We did walk around the World of Dinosaurs but as soon as we saw the train, we wanted to go on it too, even if it meant that we will see the dinosaurs all over again. We made another good choice because it allowed us to look at the dinosaurs from a whole different perspective.

After seeing so many dinosaurs, we decided to explore the huge play area that we saw as we entered the car park in the morning. I don’t know how children have so much energy, but our oldest was curious in all of them.

Our last stop was the Animal Park. Here we were very fortunate to see a lady feed the tiger. Everyone gathered around her in minutes, but we were the first to arrive there so we had a good view. I would’ve been so scared to do it myself, but it must be a unique experience and one to tick off your bucket list.

The boys fed the rabbits and various other animals with carrots and vegetables that you can buy at the entrance.

There are additional things that you can buy inside like the train, certain games, or face painting, but it isn’t necessary to buy all these to have a great day at Paradise Wildlife Park. The park is so big and has so many things to see and do, that you could go for a whole day without paying anything extra.

When we went, it wasn’t a very hot day, but I would’ve loved it if it was, so we could’ve gone to the Lagoon for a while and enjoy the water. Because the weather wasn’t appropriate, we skipped it this time.

This might also sound weird, but I wish the park had a afternoon sleeping room for the children so they can nap and wake up fresh to go and explore even more. One of the main reasons why we couldn’t stay longer than 6 hours was because the boys were really tired and grumpy. I suppose that if we had a pram with us, we could have let the children sleep in it for 1-2h and then continue visiting the park.

Disclosure: We were invited to the above attraction for the purpose of this post however all opinions are my own.



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