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Nando’s Review!

Did I tell you how much I love food? Oh, but did I tell you how much I like to eat out, visit new restaurants and try new dishes? Well, I do! I would rather visit a restaurant than buy myself new clothes, that’s how weird I am.  This time, let’s pay a visit to Nando’s …
Me and my husband go to Nando’s at least once every 2 months. He loves Nando’s and I can’t deny, I do too. We always have the full platter: one lemon & herb chicken, 2 portions of fries and 2 portions of garlic bread. We also get 2 corn on the cob as an extra side. I love their garlic bread and their corn on the cob. I cannot go to Nando’s and not have them. They’re my favourite! I tried coleslaw before, but didn’t fancy it as much. The chicken breast is not my favourite either so I let my husband have that, but I could always just order the chicken legs or wings instead if we don’t want a full chicken.

We went to the Nando’s in Wembley Park (London Designer Outlet) for this meal. My husband won a full platter voucher at a charity event and I was so surprised that the manager offered the charity a full platter voucher. Very generous of him! Most managers will only give a combo meal, not a full platter which feeds 2 people (or more if they don’t eat much).

London Designer Outlet is quite lovely. They even have a big playground for children, many restaurants (which I love), shops and a cinema. It’s worth to visit Treatz as well for their pancakes and waffles(Yummy!), but that’s another story for another time.

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