5 products I always buy from Costco|UK – part 1

5 of my favourite products to buy from Costco in UK.


I go to Costco once a month and we buy loads of stuff from there. Mainly because I don’t like shopping and I want to get all my shopping done at once, so whatever I buy from Costco will usually last for about a month. Of course I’ll still have to buy the daily groceries, like milk, bread, fruit and vegetables, and so on, but as long as I have the basics in my cupboard and fridge/freezer, then I’m happy. 

I have some products that I buy on a monthly basis and I’m not going to list all of them on this post. I’ll write different blog posts for the other products otherwise this article will never end.

1.Tortilla wraps

I don’t buy bread as often nowadays because I will eat these with almost everything. I fold them in half twice and I toast them for 2 minutes and they are delicious like that. You have to eat them when they are warm though, because they go funny otherwise. They are really good if you put them in the toast, trust me! IMG_8806.jpg

2. Bananas


3. Mushrooms 

We love mushrooms in this house and use them in pasta very often, or we just boil and then fry them with garlic and onion and make polenta on the side which is yummy. I might put the recipe on the blog one day.


4. Croissants

The croissants from Costco are bigger than what I usually find in the other supermarkets and they are always, always fresh. I get a headache if I eat more than two at a time for some unknown reason (same happens with muffins, and muffins are my all time favourite), but if it wasn’t from that, I would eat half of the package in one go, that’s how delicious they are. Breakfast is a luxury with these croissants next to a coffee or hot chocolate (for people like me😅).


5. Chicken breast

We always buy like 2-3 of these because I will cook something with it the same day, or if not, the next day, and I will freeze the rest in order to have for the whole month. We make pasta, chicken schnitzel, chicken curry, we bake it with ham and cheese, or there’s loads of recipes that you can do with the chicken breast. If you don’t use it all on the same day, freeze the rest.


  1. Great list! I use Sam’s Club as my whole saler, I usually get paper products and laundry supplies!

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