Small office decor and inspiration

Home office design decorations all very carefully thought by me and my helpful husband.


I would assume that there is no need for words to describe this beautiful little corner of mine where I get to put my laptop and flowers, and coffee … and muffin .. and .. Ok, that’s it!! 

I’ll let you enjoy the pictures of this small office area decor that I have managed to decorate together with my husband of course. I get bored of how my room looks all the time, so it’s not surprise to my husband that every few months I’ll change something so the room looks different. I think I get that from my mum: she has changed the living room decor every single month this year.

I’m missing the chair here, I know. I still haven’t found one to satisfy me + I’m not done yet with this space. I will always think of something to add or change, or remove 😃, but I’ll keep you all updated.





  1. Okay so THIS is super cute…and really unique! Also, really random aside, I actually have that same cacti and I put it on the windowsill and the top part died; is it supposed to be kept away from sunlight? Yours is thriving! x



    1. Thank you much 🤗!

      I have no idea, lol. I love cacti and succulents but I have no idea how to care for them. I guess I never really needed to know otherwise I would’ve Googled it 😅. I have had this one for almost 3 months now and it’s always been looking like that and I have always kept it in the same place.



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