10 Affordable and practical gift ideas for your husband 

Looking for an affordable and practical gift for your husband but run out of ideas? Look no more, I’ve got 10 that he will love.


Christmas is just around the corner and I know so many friends of mine that struggled with finding a gift to give to their partner for their birthday/anniversary/Christmas/etc., and always asked me for ideas so I thought I would just write a blog post for anyone else out there that runs out of ideas just when they need them. I am a DYI person and love adding my own touch to any gift, but I won’t include that in this post because I understand that not everyone is like me. My sister for instance hates DYI projects 😂.  PEOPLE, please please please stop getting mugs as gifts for your loved ones … everybody has mugs. In my household there are like 30 mugs, I don’t need no more, thank you! 

1. Spa day for two with treatments 

Oh, I’m not quite quite sure who could refuse this one . A full day at the swimming pool and sauna, with massages/pedicure included is just too luxurious to miss. Groupon has such good deals for these. Now that I think about it, I wish I could go but will have to give this one a pass .. or maybe get a babysitter for a day 😜?

2. Book dinner at one of his favourite restaurants 

This one is for that partner that loves his food. Like mine for instance, he loves Nando’s, whereas I am up to try different restaurants and food all the time.

3. Accessories for his car








4. Perfume

This one is tricky. Don’t buy it unless you know that your partner likes the perfume because I have learned my lesson with this one. I once received a perfume that I hated. I’ll list the perfumes that my husband uses and I love them.


5. Watch

Again, if your partner likes watches it would be good to get him one. I am not necessarily a fun of watches although I should probably start to wear one.

6. A CD with his favourite music

This one will be ideal for when he goes to work everyday. Sometimes the songs from the radio can get boring when you have to listen to the same ones every single day, so that’s why it’s good to give him more than 1-2 CDs so he doesn’t get bored of the CD as well.

7. A framed picture of you two

Find the best photo of you with the best quality (recommended) and put it in a frame. If he works in a office, tell him to take it to work so he can show off with his beautiful wife which of course, is you!

8. Get him a gift card at his regular car wash 

I am 100% sure that he will love this one too. My husband spends like 2 hours to clean his car, that’s crazy. It’s like a hobby for him, but I will spare him of that one day with a gift card or even better, I’ll take his car to the car wash without him knowing.

9. Robe

He will need it for when you book the spa day, you know? I bought my husband one from the White Company which was so fluffy and comfy, I wish I got one for myself too.

10. A box full of his favourite snacks/treats 

What is his favourite treat? Snickers, M & M’s, cheese, nuts, or whatever it might be, give him a box full of those. My husband ate like 30 Ferrero Rocher in less than a week😲, but thank God it’s not everyday that this happens. Neither of us has a sweet tooth, we prefer fruits and savoury items. If anyone was to give me a box of snacks, I would love it to be fruits: any fruits 🍉🍓 ❤️



Please share with me other cool gift ideas that you have or have given to your partner because sometimes I struggle too since I already gave my husband more than half of these ideas. If they are DIY, even better because I love DIY. 

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