Dear Mother, you are not alone!

We all see the perfect family pictures on the social media sites and think that they probably have it so easy and they can manage everything with no stress, no worries and no sleepless nights. I don’t necessarily think that this is true, although every family is different and some parents have more patience, more experience than others, etc. while some kids are more energetic/stubborn that others; but in the end, parenting is not easy. 

Baby Josh  

I really don’t know how a mother with twins or more than two kids manages to do everything. I can’t even imagine what I’ll do, but I truly admire them. They are what I call super hero mums. I have a 20 months old toddler and a 2 months baby and it’s definitely not easy.This is how one of my typical days looks like and I’m pretty sure I’m not alone:

  • I wake up before everyone else in the house because one of the children will wake up too – 6 or 7am that is and I am not a morning person 🙁 .. never been!
  • I will change their nappies&clothes, wash Nathan’s teeth&face
  • I will make food and feed them
  • After all this, I will play with Nathan while cleaning the house + trying to calm the baby while he cries + grabbing something to eat myself (if I have any time that is)
  • After finishing all the chores I will do the same things all over again because Nathan will obviously mess up everything : throw the toys everywhere, throw all the clothes and whatever he finds around, open all the cupboards and exploring what’s inside, try on all the shoes no matter how big they are and then leave them wherever, and the list is endless. I’ll just have to make sure that I am always there to clean up after him
  • They will both sleep in the afternoon and thankfully I have some time to cook or finish the laundry,etc., but once they wake up again, it’s the same as in the morning: change/feed/play with them … it’s exhausting me just thinking about it! I am the last one to go to sleep and the first to wake up!

Motherhood is very hard, harder than having a job, but it is so rewarding. You spend a lot of time, effort and love to teach and raise your children. And no matter how hard it is, and you probably think that it’s a lot easier for everyone else and only you go through this, it’s not true. Dear mother, we all go through the same experiences. You are not alone!

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