20 Activities to do with your toddler this summer

I just realised this year that summer is not my favourite season. I know, when it’s too cold and windy and rainy, we complain all the time and ask for a bit of sun; but us humans, we are never happy with what we have, are we? I think I prefer spring … or autumn? Or maybe both! But what do you do in the summer if you also have children?

  1. Buy a pool and let them play in it for hours
  2. Go to an outdoor pool – there’s plenty of time to go to indoor pools when it’s cold outside
  3. Have a bottle water fight
  4. Go to the beach
  5. Build a sand castle
  6. Meet with other children – cousins, neighbours, friends
  7. Fruit picking – berries, strawberries, cherries, etc. IMG_4604IMG_4633IMG_4635IMG_4636
  8. Pick flowers
  9. Go to the zoo
  10. Fly a kite
  11. Have a picnic
  12. Blow bubbles
  13. Visit a farm
  14. Go to the park and play with balls/balloons
  15. Feed the ducks in the park
  16. Walk a dog
  17. Teach them how to ride a bike
  18. Build with Legos
  19. Draw/paint with them
  20. Plant a tree

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