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10 email subscriptions that I recommend!

There are a few sites that I subscribed to and I receive emails regularly. I like reading about new things and learning something new everyday so these subscriptions help me. I hope you find some that you will like too. You can also unsubscribe at any time so if you don’t like anything, there are no strings attached! 
1. The Brief  – the brief is the daily email that brings you the scoop on the breaking news and current events you need to know about, today.
2. Emerald Street – they cover a whole load of interesting things like fashion, beauty, books, food and anything else that takes our fancy.
3. Sheerluxe  – an online lifestyle magazine featuring news and views on the latest and most desirable fashion, beauty, wellness and lifestyle products, etc.
4. Expert Home Tips  – 1000s of the best home tips, cleaning cheats + hacks, genius living tips, recipes, beautiful crafts & more.
5. Mr Hyde  – tell you about places to eat and drink, special offers, competitions. It’ll show you how to dress, what to watch, who to listen to and where to go when you  feel like reading the newspaper, using someone’s free WiFi and having a pint.
6. Time Out  – exclusive events, new openings, the hottest happenings straight to your inbox.Your ultimate guide to London!
7.  Good to Know – food, family, fun, wellbeing, craft, money and competitions.
8. Daily Challenge  – I like this website. They send you a challenge every day and you have to do it and mark it Done! Easy way to change your routine and do something different each day.
9. Wordsmith  – A new word a day. Self explanatory.
10. Free Postcode Lottery  – Free Postcode Lottery is 100% free. Register your postcode and email address and you’ll be entered in to their draws in which they have given away over £90,000 since they launched in April 2011. You have to check the draw results every day, or as often as you can, to claim your winnings. I have never won, but hey, don’t lose your hope :)!
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