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10 Apps and Websites where you can get free food and products!

Before getting married, I didn’t care how I spent my money. I would just buy anything I needed when I needed it, but after I got married I become more conscious. I realised that money doesn’t grow in trees and we must have a budget in order to “survive”.
I desperately want to own a house and it is almost impossible at the moment when only my husband works so that’s how my crazy journey towards saving money began. Of course I am not going to be able to save thousands but every little counts!



1.  Latest Free Stuff

This will have to be my top favourite website. I have found a lot of free things on this one since I subscribed to the newsletter. I just love it, there are so many things that you can take advantage of. I don’t click on everything they have, obviously you only choose what is relevant to you and what you think works best. I definitely recommend you subscribe to this newsletter!

2. Magic Freebies 

This site is pretty much like the previous one, but I subscribed to it as well. Sometimes, it has different offers therefore it’s worth it. The more, the merrier!

3. Save the Student

This is a student finance website for student money saving advice. Totally relevant to me but even if you aren’t a student, I still recommend that you subscribe. It’s full of advice on how to save money. 

4. Student Money Saver

Also dedicated to students in the UK but not only I believe. If you are at university at the moment and register to the website, you have access to all of the exclusive deals too. 

5. O2 Priority Moments 

10 Apps and Websites where you can get free food and products!

This is an app exclusive to O2 customers and has great offers from high street brands, tickets and experiences but you can still download the application without being with O2. Just order any free sim from O2, put the sim in your phone and download the app. When you open the application you will be asked to enter the O2 phone number and will receive a code. Enter the code and then you can go back to your usual network provider!
I enjoy my £1 lunch from Boots every Monday and the free items that I can get from Boots every 2 weeks. I also love the free hot chocolate every Tuesday at Cafe Nerro! This week, they allowed us to get an iced coffee from Cafe Nerro and that made me really happy because I am not a coffee lover and I would always get hot chocolate instead. But I love caramel frappuccino and I was really glad that I could get that for free. It saved me £3.5! 


This app is exclusive to 3G customers only and it’s very similar to the O2 Priority Moments. They have awesome free stuff like coffee from Costa, free cinema tickets, bake rolls from Greggs, or meals at restaurants for only £5 (bargain!), including many others. 

7. CheckoutSmart App 

This app gives you access to rewards from a lot of supermarket brands. You buy the products, take a picture of your receipt and receive cash back into your account. However, I alwasy wait for the money to add up to £20 before I transfer it into my bank account. Payments up to £19.99 incur a transfer fee of 5%. 

8. Shopmium 

Just like the other two, you shop, send the receipt and get money back. What I love about this application is that as soon as they process the receipt, they send you the money into your bank account straight away so you don’t have to transfer it yourself or wait until you make a certain amount of money. Use this referral code when registering to get a free Green & Black chocolate: KYUHEMMY.
I have obviously downloaded all these apps on my husband’s phone but he never uses them. I do :)! Whenever I go shopping and I buy a product that qualifies for cashback, I will buy it twice and I will do all the receipt work at home. This way, I will have more products for free. In the last 2 weeks, I got loads of products for free thanks to the O2 Priority, CheckoutSmart and Shopmium! 

10 Apps and Websites where you can get free food and products!

9. TopCashback 

This is a cashback website where you can save money when you shop at over 4400 retailers both online and in-store through this site. If you subscribe to the first website from this post – Latest Free Stuff, you will receive deals about topcashback sometimes. They always have exclusive deals to new members only, so if you do register, do not purchase anything yet. Wait until you receive and email from the Latest Free Stuff, with a really good offer so that you can take full advantage of it.
For example, they had £10 Free to spend on Baby clothes at Asda George. You basically purchase something worth £10 or more and Topcashback will give you £10 back, but this is only for new members.

10. Quidco

Another cashback site and the same applies here. You can register but do not purchase anything until you take advantage of the good offers that they have for new members every now and then. At the time that I registered, they offered £10 cashback for a Hungry House purchase worth £10 or more. Of course I took advantage of it which means that I got a free lunch :)! 

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